Any cure for shock of height?

facing your fear is the one and only way, so they enlighten me. there are places to turn and people to yak to that will help you do simply that. go for it if you want. intuitively, my feet are doing a moment ago fine staying flat on the ground.
Don't look down?
adjust. if you're not deathly afraid, go to elevated places with someone. and adjust yourself to it.

the best approach to face something is organizer on.
Fear of heights is one of the most prevalent fears ever. And as most fears , it is often not standalone but coming next to other phobias, especially fear of flying to pet name one.

Being not as intimidating as other phobias can be, people suffering near fear of height often try to live beside it without getting a relief, accomodating their lifestyle to the limitations (Imagine it: Forget visiting the Eiffel tower within Paris or Manhattan skyscraper. Never see beautiful mountain view. Holidays without visit medieval castles. Summer lacking water jump. Living on a ground floor home, limitation to possible profession choices and even employer choices -- no skyscrapers, again.) Maybe IT IS quite intimidating, after adjectives?

The scientific latin name are acrophobia, altophobia, batophobia (fear of being close to large buildings), and acrophobia.

But how to fix the heights phobia? That's a request for information people repeatedly ask at this point impatiently, not being interested within theoretical explanations. Some of the methods that work angelic enough are gradual desensitivitation, REBT, NLP or timeline treatment, to name a few. More and more fabric about them and other aspects of height phobia will appear on this web.

I would also close to to point your interest to my incredibly simple method to overcome the fear of height. To my knowledge, it is the easiest method available, beside quickest fixes and highest nouns ratio. And the best of all is, you can DO IT ON YOUR OWN! The singular assumption is that you can read and follow instructions. It is described in the workbook (see the box on the right), no thoughtful fluff, just few plain simple steps and methods that really work, for adults and children as resourcefully! See testimonials page for what people who become free of fear of height have to enunciate about it.
I used to be seriously afraid of height.. I wouldn't even go on roller coasters because they be so high up. So in the future I decided to takle my disquiet.. in a extraordinarily extreme way. I go skydiving! It was awesome and most definitly cured my misgivings because now I associate hright beside things that are fun.
Alas, you know the cure is jumping sour the edge. Its horrid.
The best cure is to sit on the perimeter of the Eiffel Tower for as long as it takes you to realize that unless you spring or fall stale, nothing will come about.
Try to do challenges, small steps at a time to win over it... any ideas for me. i am too?

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