Follow up to "Am I crazy?"?

Follow up to "Am I crazy?";...

This person is my neighbor and everytime I see her saloon (which is almost daily cuz it's parked outside), I still catch the urge to vandalize it,even though it happend a month ago. Have I not let shift or am I just spoiled still approaching you guys said before? Or am I holding a grudge.

What's worse around this situation is that I am a catholic with a criminal journal for vandalising a car surrounded by the past too (3 years ago). Please sustain.

I agree with KAT you obligation to go get hold of yourself busy and try to get support, like a counselor to relief you with this. are a bit talk to someone
You are not crazy. Just a complete backache like my neighbour.

Say you frozen rain Mary's or whatever it is.
Time for you to step find a hobby away from the house. Seriously, this is obsessive, destructive behavior that's get to go - in the past your next entry on your criminal account is far more serious. Get counseling, go volunteer somewhere, return with another job, pinch a class.
yes, u r crazy.

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