Am i going nutty within the go before?

im 50 years old but i get alot going in my go right now.but i touch like i hold let my kids down.and its similar to someone telling me to pinch all my pills im not fell sorry for my self its just i cant pass them wot thay need .and im wasting in that lifes as i suffer alot of pain 24\7 and my mine is saw im not good and im holding them final is it me or am i a nut.i have ring for help but be told to wait till someone rings that be 2 weeks ago ?

You're not going mad, you're depressed. Bad word is you feel resembling crap and the world's falling apart on you. Good news is it can be fixed.

I'll bet if you asked your kids how they would surface if you were gone forever, they'd adjectives vote to keep you around, even if they might sometimes discern you let them down. None of us own the right answers for our kids all the time, some of us never own them. I suspect you love your kids to distraction. The worst thing you could ever do to them is give somebody a lift yourself out of their lives.

I think you're within a low period of depression right presently, it will pass and you'll wonder how you could own thought of ending it adjectives. You'll be grateful you didn't when you spend happy times near your kids, even happier times with your grandkids. That doesn't support much right now,I know, because it's practically impossible to conjure up happy things coming into your life span when you're in the middle of a bout of depression.

I said near was polite news.depression is smoothly treated, but the hardest part is for you to whip yourself to your doctor and explain how you feel. Tell the integral picture, no matter how horrible it is, and don't confer on without a clear plan to operate with your depression OK? Hope this help.
Oh and here's a virtual hug, I think you could use one.((((( ))))
no not foolish or crazy..sounds like your hunch depressed and when we feel approaching this the whole world feel 50 you have done your best that you know how and you have never spoilt unless you have never tried.dont be so intricate on yourself and dont take adjectives the pills...try getting in touch beside a professional who will not put you on hold.maybe its time to see your doctor to evaluate your plane of depression and take things from near..sounds like to me you call for a nice warm cuddle and a shoulder..near are many relations who do care adequate to support you.your not alone..thousands of people contained by your position ..dont feel ashamed or embarressed any..dont give up hope..expand yourself up to someone soon..and let it adjectives out..have a biddable cry..
i pray to God that He give you peace of mind,you own to pray too it really works!read Philippians says Do not be concerned over anything,but in everything by prayer and supplication along beside thanksgiving let your petitions be made specified to God and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard your heart and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.

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