Am I a crossdesser? Or want to hold sex adaptation?

I alway image myself a feminine, and also image sex beside man, and have sex excitement, In my untimely year, I start to wanted to be fine like other girls, and alway wear womanly clothes, am I a transsexual?
But I alway heard that transsexual haven't sex excitement, so am I merely a crossdresser ?
Sometime I hate mortal male extraordinarily much, but sometime I seem no problem, and also sometime when I see other girls (or newly female), I will very sad and cry, and ask myself why I'm not a woman, but on the other hand, I resembling to see other female, so I alway meditate I'm so abnormal and awfully unhappy, how can I be lively?

I suggest you find a counsellor who specialises in masculinity issues; he or she will be able to relief you decide whether you are transsexual or not, and if so, direct you to the proper treatment.

And if you come up with that transsexual people don't own 'sex excitement', you've been regretfully misinformed...;
You just stipulation a sex change BUT if you find one and you think you are gonna be quote " Beautiful resembling other girls" usally sex changes don't look enormously real. Just something to save in mind.
hold a sex change

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