A split second of unreality. Im living contained by trepidation.?

It all happen when i sat on a bench one night and i feel a second of unreality. I feel similar to i wasn't myself. I felt approaching my spirit / soul / whatever inside me be leaving me. I get really scared but the sense is quite rugged to describe, so i couldnt tell my parents in the order of it. This is the nearest description i can give. Does anyone know anything give or take a few this illness of mine?

lol...not to roll with laughter...but all too farmiliar.it sounds similar to a type of panic/anxiety attack.

i was freshly 'diagnosed' with have panic attacks.sometimes, i shift HOURS...like 10 or more, sensation surreal (fake in a dream or something) and i HATE IT.it sucks so bleak...and there are other symptoms that you can hold...its actually tremendously common and some population never even know they are having them..

the biggest symptom is "Impending foreboding your going to die"...the unchangable throught that something horrible is happening to you.

at 1st, i thought i be haveing a brain annyurism...i dont take tablets...but have the risk of getting it.
Maybe it's not an illness. A lot of ethnic group report having out of body experiences. I'd do some reading online in the order of it and see if you see anything similar to what you experienced.
Go to A good Christian Church - win involved - volunteer - do for others - dont involve yourself in anything occultic that might open out doors for demonic activity.
This sounds similar to depersonalization. It's usually caused by anxiety, but is not an ailment, just a symptom. If it occur only occasionally, I wouldn't verbs about it.
sentiment sort of disconnected can scare ya apt, but it is a feeling, not a certainty. I am not saying you did not grain this, because you did. but if you are scared your soul might go your body... just construe of this... if your soul was really not properly connected. it would've blown away near your very first sneeze contained by life... wouldn't it. ?? so relax. you're gonna be fine :-)
I enjoy felt that too...my doctor said it could be post partum stress disorder, but it didnt be aware of like it
I'm on the blockade with this one, because I'm a Christian that believes surrounded by "influences" and I have have experience with psychologist and know that the brain can do some uninhibited stuff. I say you should find a physical to start with, so you can rule out neurological things. Then be in motion see a priest.
it could have be an anxiety attack. you often surface detached followed by fear. they are normally very not easy to discribe to someone who hasn't experienced one. most people, at somepoint within their life will experience at lowest possible one panic attack and they regularly happen when your not expecting one.
It is zilch to worry around.

Many people experience this, it is startling when you don't understand or expect it.

It could hold been that you be so relaxed and have dropped into a tremendously light sleep lacking fully realising it, or you had drifted into a adjectives state.

Don't worry your soul/spirit know where it belongs and will find it's mode back should it drift past its sell-by date.

Do a search on chain about meditation and astral projection.

Don't fret it is ok.
defintely some sort of anxiety, you wouldn't necessarily authorize it as this, just the symptoms. i live beside derealization every day. its be about two years. progress see a doctor soon, as anxiety is much easier treated at the beginning.
As some hold suggested this may be a symptom of panic/anxiety attack. However, normally it would go on with other symptoms. When I first have a panic attack, I found it difficult to breath, my heart be racing and feel like it be pounding out of my chest. I also had a foreboding that I was going to die.

The frenzy attack is an extreme form of untreated anxiety. Unless some of these symptoms were occurring I cross-examine whether it was frenzy attack. It likely is a form of anxiety.

I recommend that if your parents aren't discourteous you do talk beside them. You don't need to describe what happen, just bring up to date them that you have be experiencing some real anxiety problems and you would similar to to talk near a doctor. If needed, the doctor can prescribe some anti-anxiety medication to help. However, I'm hoping that he/she might know a polite counselor who could help you know what you are experiencing and ways to deal beside it.

Pastor John
It sounds to me like you have a major Head Rush. You probably moved too vigorously when you sat down. You dont own an illness.. I focus I just answered another ? of yours and you really do necessitate some meds for your anxiety. It all stems from that. It adjectives goes together near your panic attacks. Its a chemical inconsistency in the brain. Usually seratonin. Tell your parents for Gods sake. Go to the DOCTOR!

No church can oblige you with this one.. u are not posessed by demons.... You are worrying too much and inevitability some medication.. been here done that. go narrate your mother now! you are not gonna bring better until you do.
I experience the same. I'm also diagnosed next to TLE, or temporal lobe epilepsy. I'm not a doctor however so you should contact one if the symptoms reoccur. It may be nothing.
don't be afraid of the experience. it is not as odd as it seems. Don't verbs, if you had to die, you wouldn't hold come beack in your body to type this quiz. many folks have experienced it within state of meditation or intoxication or similar trance-like state achieved spontaneously. subsequent time it happens to you, relax and try to see and roam through your soul. You stipulation to master the situation instead of being afraid. You may interlace blogs for ppl with out-of-body experiences to interact beside ppl who have similar experiences and maybe, knowing how to drive your soul may help you win over your distress.

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