Anybody else come up with Paris be lying give or take a few not doing drugs?

Thats the biggest crock i've ever heard. she tell Larry King that she never did drugs (a lie), was never addicted (also a tell stories, xanax) and she's not a huge drinker (big lie). we've all see her wasted, why run on his show and completely lie in the region of her life? I speak thats BushLeague!

She can say doesn`t matter what she wants. It won't silver the fact that empire are really beginning to become sick of the verbs of her. I think her 15 minutes are nearly up.
Yeah..i know.
she is such a lier.
but who care and if she really follows out with her plan of "changing".. everybody will slowly forget roughly speaking her because the papparatzy is more intrested in the culture that are on drugs and about to die...


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