Anybody else reckon Paris be lying more or less not doing drugs?

Thats the biggest crock i've ever heard. she tell Larry King that she never did drugs (a lie), was never addicted (also a feign, xanax) and she's not a huge drinker (big lie). we've all see her wasted, why shift on his show and completely lie in the region of her life? I articulate thats BushLeague!

yes. druggies are usually liars.
she also lied about her self claustrophobic. if she was claustrophobic how does she direct to go to vastly crowded nightclubs every darkness?
Lie, lie, ,lie back, et al.
Duh, she's a celebrity.
Does anybody really keeping?
I agree
shes a lyer she should b back within jail where on earth she belongs
I think we own to put it into perspective. Does it really matter? If she died tommorrow, I am pretty sure our lives would not swing. ....and yes she is a lier.
Well obvisouley you can see that Paris Hilton does drink and consumes alot of alcoholic beverages into her small little body!! But also wether she does drugs is an unsolved mystery! Though I think that she probably did do some drugs but wether she's on them presently? I don't know!! But I do think that she did do drugs!! I'm not going to vote alot because I like Paris Hilton and I hold nothing against her! That's my girl right in that!!
If we ignore her, will she turn away?
Yeah, messed up celebrities lying to the media about their addiction is kind of par for the course... that's close to wondering whether they'll get cooking oil one day, grasp photographed for a tabloid, then swiftly shed a hundred pounds and spark an anorexia issue... or adopt a child from a third-world country and give it a silly moniker... or have a messy divorce/custody dispute in which they reward their lawyer more for one session that a mundane person make in a year... it's lately the nature of the animal. =)
I would lie too if I be her, get more empire on my side

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