Am I strong satisfactory to do this?

I have be extremely depressed for 6 months now and it is due to returning home from overseas and consequently chopping and changing job too much and just bein greally indecisive, very soon i have stuffed up my life span and sabotaged my freidns and my family abhor me, i have booked a flightTo run to manchestr in three weeks, no perception why but just sick of mortal this horrible person, do you muse I am strong enough to run back overseas and stuff this frame of mind and start a new energy? I know that it wont change days gone by and i will feel awful for leaving everyone but i jsut dont know what else to do and hold alrady booked anyway!

First you have to answer a few question. What is best for you and What makes you ecstatic. If your better off surrounded by one place and it makes you happier afterwards go within. Some people dance an entire lifetime trying to find happiness. The see of family and friends is something we adjectives do because were frustrated at ourselves and we purloin it out on loved ones unintentionally.
goin overseas will not liberate you. You must grow. You must adapt. You must live. Enjoy every breathe you transport.
obviously you thought you would be when you booked it! you hold to be, and you will be. don't concentrate on the negative, find something to look foreward to, and concentrate on it.

polite luck!

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