Another Xanax interrogate?

Has anyone ever heard of something close to this?

A healthy 26 year behind the times female, premonition of tightness in chest and shoulders for around 3 months. Using Xanax when the feeling comes on, and the tightness go away?

If this is happening, the tightness and soreness go away with the use of Xanax...what coudl be causign the chest discomfort?

The discomfort is at hand everyday, normally upon wake up, and like I said have been here for about 3 months presently.

I am finally working with a doctor in the order of this, but am interested in opinion now.


After have my heart checked, I have MVP, and Anxiety, which is why I hold the tighting in my chest...i own even been awakened at hours of darkness by an anxiety attack.I guess this really didn't help, but at tiniest you know youre not alone!
Anxiety. Those are pretty common symptoms for it. I've get the same point and I take xanax for it as very well. I also take an antidepressant along beside it. The xanax I only bear as needed. It gets better. Good Luck.
it is call an anxiety attack or a panic attack they can mimic a heart attack and taking the xanax calm you down!
Stress causes your muscles to tighten so adjectives your muscles tighten up and then you can't breathe as overwhelmingly (because of the tightness) which causes ease in oxygen cause more stress and more tightness. Xanax reduces your anxiety, allowing you to breathe more greatly, sending more oxygen to your muscles and relaxing them. With time and commitment to practice, you can learn relaxation exercises that will hold the same effect.
Anxiety, stress, madness attacks. Those all could contribue to this problem. For example, I have a panic attack once when I get a speeding ticket and my chest, shoulder and arm hurt for at least a week afterwards.
I be taking Xanax for 7 years now for Anxiety & be to Hospitols all over & YES it help Mild Chest pains, If Coming from ANXIETY,mine is on R side, & waking up to.
Sometimes we have need of a Pill To relaz us, good luck & if get Worse, get it checked approaching i have, I pinch Xanax before i filch a walk, Im really scared of my pannic attacks, Xanax soul here to.

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