Information on bipolar disorder?

Please, give me everything that you know on bipolar disorder! I dont safekeeping if it is long, but give me info and links and anything else! Im just trying to amass my friend!

One of my favorite mental health support sites is They hold alot of information on the site about mental disorders including Bipolar disorder,information something like many drugs and treatments, and a chatroom where on earth there is other someone to talk to. If your friend is surrounded by IMMEDIATE danger you should name a suicide prevention hotline or even 911.
Try :)
good luck, my friend wont adopt help but you can try or do a related furrow on depression.

I have plenty if information on Bipolar, an I hold Bipolar.

I will be glad to send some information your style, contact me and we can figure out the right for your friend situation.

My contact information within in my profile, please touch free to reach me when you choose.

Be Safe and Be Well
Hey, same go for me. If you want another opinion, or ANY question answered, my contact info is in my profile.

I commend you on what you're trying to do, purely remember it's going to be a tough road, but just hold going! You are a true friend.

All the best, Alice x has seriously of information on bipolar. You might also want to try dbsalliance. org. A google search of "bipolar disorder" will verbs up far more useful links than anyone can administer you.

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