Can you assistance me settle on what I should do near my energy?

I graduated from college, but I didn't procure to make the GPA high-ranking enough to step to graduate school. I'm mentally disabled & my disability affects my functioning within school. It seem like I'll never ratify. I feel approaching a failure. I'm put money on in college taking undergraduate classes, & it's out of order out for me. & I was told that by man in the grad prep program for this academy & making straight A's with a ultimate GRE score still won't guarantee me to return with into grad school. I suck at writing papers, & the professor other says that I don't follow directions, which is section of my disability. I have comprehension problems. & I want to work. Also for student loans, I be told I can get them discharged, since I'm disabled. Should I verbs with institution, wasting the government's money, KNOWING I'm not gonna pass these courses or should I quit & present up? It's so stressful that it's driving me to a panic attack. & I can't work because they'll cut past its sell-by date my SSI & Social Security benefits.

Wow, that is a frozen one.

Let me ask you something? If the stress was GONE, would you soak up school? If the answer is yes, after see about adjectives down on your class load and verbs with conservatory. Since you are disabled, they MUST accomodate your disability. Can you get a tudor that could facilitate you get better at writing papers? You could probably catch that paid for. Also you could verbs in the undergrad program and return with a different degree if i.e. something you are interested in.

If you are really set on grad academy, keep at it. You will grasp in eventually.

DO NOT do anything that cause your panic smooth to raise that glorious.
You need professional warning.
If school is what you want after I would stick with it. Do you own a tutor for writing papers, becuase they can help alot. You can other give yourself a timeline, bring up to date yourself if you do not get into the program after a guaranteed amount of time has passed consequently you realize that your life is going to be in motion in a different direction consequently expected. Atleast this way you are not quitting, you are putting contained by an effort and I don`t know then your anxiety will appease down. Hope that helps, perfect luck with everything!
Graduate institution is so competitive these days, I know because I be in pretty much matching circumstances as you last year. I didn't bring back in anywhere and immediately I am doing an undergraduate certificate program surrounded by Journalism. It includes an internship which I hope will help me to achieve work, unlike my degree :) Maybe an internship would work for you, it seem like profusely of people already out of college are doing them very soon. Good luck with everything.
Well, is here anything you are truly interested in that you close to to do? I'm sure you have gifts and talent and can use them to help others, such as sewing or some type of crafts, art work, or even house cleaning that can be a lend a hand to someone especially elderly, run little errands
I know you can think of something that can give support to somebody else and that will make you perceive happy and adjectives
What is your goal - why are you going to arts school? If you need a graduate point for your goal, most possible you won't accomplish that if your disability constantly interferes with it. Just trademark sure your goals are faithful and really will make you sunny in the long run.
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