Afraid of stairs?

I have a big nervousness of stairs and I don't know why. I hate walking down them...and I don't really resembling walking up them, but its a little bit better. I perceive really stupid seeing all these citizens walking up and down stairs without any problem, while I'm almost crying a short time ago thinking about it. Is anyone else approaching this? How can I change this?

im afraid of escalators, i have a sneaking suspicion that i got my shoe caught surrounded by one when i was five and it have some impact on me that i dont understand, everytime im contained by the mall or anywhere beside escalators i use the stairs, some stores dont even have stairs anymore and if im near someone i just wont budge to the next floor next to them, i dont know exactly why im afraid of them, but im sure i could just communicate myself to and i would and id be fine, but its not on my register of things to do because im fine with taking the stairs and its in good health anyway.
but i understand where on earth your fear could come from, im afraid of prehistoric stairs, and some certain stairs, similar to the ones that look like they could break and you could drop through, also that same way beside ladders, but im better next to that now too, i used to enjoy to be carried up a ladder if i have to be on one, like to draw from to my dads houseboat when it was on the environment, i would be hysterical, and could never ever climb up or down the ladder, i have to be carried. that fear come from me thinking that it will tip over and crash to the ground with me on it,
one of my friends only recently sliped on her deck stairs when it be raining, and she fell down afew, and on broke, and she got a pretty bleak bruise and cuts, those kind of stairs panic me, and i understand you could be afraid of stairs since some ancestors do get injuries on them. and some ancestors have process worse fears, like a horror of outside, inside, a color, flowers, animals, for almost everything on this earth, theres atleast one creature who is scared of it. some fears are only just alot less adjectives than others.
to answer your question roughly speaking how you can change it, it depends, if this foreboding is affecting your life and you cant live beside it, then it could be anxiety, and I don`t know an anxiety medicine would abet, you could talk to a doctor, or therepist/psychiatrist going on for it, and if its not a fear from an actual entity in your brain that you enjoy to reverse with more than simply dealing with it yourself, after that what you can try to do, try to deal beside it yourself, take it one step at a time, and a short time ago think it will be okay, suggest to yourself, whats the worse that can happen? settle yourself into it, saying that you'll be stronger if you can do it, feel of it as a challenge, a short time ago calm down when you are trying this, it will transport time, but you can do it, everything takes practice, especially overcoming a nervousness, because no matter how much someone think that its a stupid fear, or doesn`t matter what they think, a shock is a fear, and it take work to overcome a fear. well-mannered luck, you can do it!
As they say, (who the H are they, and why do they other have the answer.) Just lug it one step at a time.
See a therapist. You may own a fear of falling.
My sister have an irrational fear of unfurl stairs, she won't climb them or she'll close her eyes & I have to assistance.

I would suggest getting some professional help if you really want to attain over your fear.

If you basically want options, pinch the elevator or escalator. Or try to manage it by walking closer to the wall, holding onto the guardrail & not looking at the stairs when you walk down them. Take your time & remember, not a soul knows you're anxious of walking down the stairs, they're not looking at you or making fun of you...they have their own demons they're battle, I promise. Good luck!
its all contained by your mind. you not scared of the stairs your afraid of falling. of one embarrased. just dont judge about it resembling that think of it close to this. i have a destination at hand is no way of getting at hand unless i take the stairs. generate sure your foot is secure on the stair and be similar to nike and just do it. and you dont enjoy to see no dogon therapist. explicitly a waste of money and vim. talk to God and ask him to back you overcome it . better than going to a therapist and own you keep answering " and how does that breed you feel" ? lol
I have a problem going down bleachers.I can be in motion up but very alarmed going down.I went to a university function with my thirteen year behind the times daughter and she had to hold my mitt like I be an old female.How embarassing for us.but she still loves me.
Stairs freak me out. I am not terribly afraid of them, but when I see them, the ones that are uncap underneath, i always deem of the scary movies where on earth someone reaches out and grab you from underneath. I know it is ridiculous, but it goes through my mind. I hold found if i make a set-up of it and say it clearly, it seems smaller amount ominous and I start laughing at myself before I procure up or down them. I say something like- okay boogieman, You better not grab hold of my legs, I haven't shaved them. Or I say- Okay I'm warning you, if you grasp my foot I'm gonna pee all over you. It is stupid, I know, but I receive over the anxiety. Especially if it is dark. It doesn't bother me as impossible in the daytime unless I am going into a underground room. They are creepy anytime. I also fear falling down them when I am at the top. Again, too heaps scary movies. YIKES! I inevitability to quit watching them.
I have a suspicion of elevators and I just hold on to trying to face it by going on it, it take time and I have to really reach a deal to my self about it, and alike with you and the stairs of late keep facing it a moment or two bit at a time and take a step at a time. I hope I help in some agency!

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