Agoraphobia(how can any body be alarmed of a really big space)?

i can see how you might be scared of small places but not big! if you own this can you tell me why you are afraid of big clear spaces! thanks

i dont enjoy agoraphobia, but i can understand why some ancestors do
everyone has fears, some are cause by something that happened when they be young, and some a short time ago seem to be for no idea, but if you looked into a fear someone have, most likely it would be something within their past that made them hold that fear.
someone near agoraphobia thinks give or take a few a big open space as a target of possible desperate things, they could feel that adjectives of a sudden a plane could crash on them, something could attack them, too much could be going on all around them, and could terrify them. some feel unprotected because theres nil closed in around them closely to protect them from the big things, or that too several bad things can come about in a big space, but not as abundant could happen surrounded by a small space because there wouldnt be satisfactory room. they can also feel risk-free in small place, because smaller quantity can happen within them, and they would feel smaller amount overwhelmed, they can see all around and build sure that things are safe, they could perceive protected, like a child may stow in a closet when upset of the monster under the bed, but would never be in motion out in an stretch out space because it could attack. something could of happened within their past that be a horrible experience and happened contained by a wide widen space, and they feel close to it could happen again if they turn in a general open space. same piece with inhabitants who are afraid of small spaces because something bad happen in a small space.
traumatic experiences surrounded by childhood can affect people when they're elder alot. like if the color of the room they be in be orange, and something bleak happened to them contained by the orange room, or they witnessed a horrible piece, like a murder, or some type of knock about happened, even though the color ginger had nil to do with the desperate thing that happen, just because they remember it, they could agitation it. the mind works like that.
Snipers, nearby out there watching man.
If someone beside this fear is surrounded by a really big open space they could be afraid because they have a feeling vulnerable. They are out nearby with zilch to hide bringing up the rear or nowhere to go for protection if they want it quickly. Also, when you are within a large space in attendance is more room for there to be things that you cannot see. There are oodles reasons why population might be afraid of large spaces. However I regard as for the most part, it's because of their state of mind of vulnerablitly.
I'm very sacrosanct of large spaces, because i have an idea that i am being watch and i am very venerable, and i would be safer surrounded by a smaller room!
The literal translation of Agoraphobia is "fear of the marketplace". This is somewhat of a misnomer. A true agoraphobic is habitually afraid to leave their own house. This is because they enjoy what is called anticipatory anxiety. They are afraid to depart from their comfort zone and any thoughts of doing so makes them believe about the possibility of have a panic attack. This is what they are avoiding. This is a treatable infection, with psychiatric help and medication. Without treatment the patient become more and more withdrawn and locked into a very insular existence.
It's a start of having a nouns attack, outside their comfort zone, at home.

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