Am I crazy? What IS this? I've SUCH an anger problem. Today I imagined getting into an argument w/ my aunt.

In this daydream (or daymare!) I choked her & kicked her out of my place. It be over something dumb that never even happened. I imagined her recounting me she didn't like something at my place & throwing it out against my wishes. When I found out roughly speaking it, I flipped. In reality, I know this never happened but I still feel angry. I know this stems from emtional abuse as a kid & sensation controlled. But does dreaming of killing someone manufacture me nuts? Is it a condition in itself? I'm not even sure how to make clear to a therapist more or less this.

You have a problem especially close to my heart. It's an "anger management" problem. My husband was abuse me. So it was any Anger Mgmt. or me. And let me notify you, this course turned him completely around. ( He was an abused child also. )Since
I don't know what state you're within, you have to beckon your local library. Ask for "Reference". They'll tell you exactly what to do. If you own an HMO, just acquire a referral from your primary doctor. Please do this. At least you know what your problem is, and that's partly the battle. It'll transfer your whole enthusiasm around. I can promise you that. Good luck, my friend. :)
It's normal for citizens to run scenarios through their commander when they're feeling angry or frustrated. Maybe this let your imagination run riot about your aunt be your way of working out those frustrations and idea more in control which can be a much better bearing than actually acting out the scenario contained by your daydream!

Fantisizing or even dreaming nearly harming someone doesn't brand you crazy. But if this happens on a duly regular basis it vehicle that there are some issues that really inevitability to be worked out. Your emotional ill-treat has probably departed you feeling resentful and I'm sure it's done some disfavour to your self-esteem. So it wouldn't hurt to get some manner of therapy for these issues especially if they come across to be affecting your daily energy.

A therapist can lend a hand you find ways to improve your sense of self-worth, find better coping skills and hygienic ways to deal beside anger. If you decide to see a consultant, look for one who has experience contained by working with nation who've been abused contained by the past because they tend to be capable of offer the best insight and guidance on coping skills. Don't worry around how to tell the psychiatric therapist about it, they've hear things like this beforehand; the best thing to do is be without a flaw honest and up front.

I wish you adjectives the best.

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