A beatiful mind ? Jon Nash?

Questions about the movie PLEASE abet me.

1.What other observations do you have around the client's behavior?

2.What is the chief complaints?(In the client's own words and report of others)

3.In you opinion is the diagnosis discussed above accurate?

Thank you so much
If you chew over it is correct put a 5 if you think it is wrong put a 1
GOD BLESS you and your vivacity!

john nash

the John Nash suffers of schizophrenia ( my cousin suffers of schizophrenia and he actually hear voice in his director that tell him to do things similar to take out the furniture of our house) contained by Jon's case those voice supposedly come from the CIA and like my cousin they share him to do things like braking code a bunch of numbers or distribute letters to an desolate mansion that he imagines that culture live there.

I'm not so sure give or take a few the chief complaint but go to this site it have quotes of the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0268978/quot...

I think the diagnosis is accurate because the singular way to diagnose a human being with schizophrenia is by taking follow-up of his behavior, in this shield John Nash obviously have this illness
movie accurate
You are a particularly dishonest 13 year old

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