Am I a psycho or is depression messing near me? can anyone cure my depression?

currently I dont wanna hurt anyone, but there will be a time within a day, when I wont keeping about nought. is depressions fault?

can anyone cure my depression?

You are NOT psycho! Depression effects family in copious ways and it does come and go. If things are getting worse and you grain as though you could hurt yourself or others please see a Dr. or talk to someone close to you right away. You can receive past it, you a moment ago have to collide. I struggle all the time next to depression. I know it sucks but if you tell yourself positive things at the times you touch you don't care it will back to change the path you feel and mull over. Hope this helps
Yes, this especially well conceivably depression. See your doctor and explain this to him/her. He may either prescribe an anti-depressant and/or refer you to a psychiatric therapist. And have no anxiety, it happens to adjectives of us at some point in time.
Go see a doctor and they can give a hand you. You should be open and honest. Depression can ending from days to years depending on severity. You can get oblige from taking prescribed medications. You'll seize through it. Let your parents and famil knowy. There's also support groups.
you need sustain!
I didn't realize that depression could be so life threatening. I be certain that I could "beat" it and it would overrun. I also thought that is be a "phase" that I was going through. If you be in motion to Yahoo search lower than "The Last Temptation of George Petrie" you can read about my depression and how it devoured me. The single person who can "cure" your depression is you. You hold to make the ruling to face the certainty that you have an malady much the same as someone beside diabetes or heart disease. You can not change the course of tons illnesses without medication. Depression is efficiently treated and I wish I have gotten professional help since I made some very doomed to failure wishes
You obligation a Doctor friend.
Get anti depressants, prescribed by your doctor, but remember...that's medicine, and anti-depressants don't formulate the depression go away, it simply makes it subside. If you want to find rid of the depression, find the core of your problem and go to a psychotherapist to help you breed the depression disappear. But it would be helpful if you get the anti-depressants to help you reckon clearer for a while. You aren't a physcopath, and the depression can be cured.

See depression treatments and resources, at ( on page 2, and anger management, on page 4.

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