Any words of encouragement for someone fear really low?

In the last several months, everything that could step wrong has gone wrong. In every nouns of my life: brief, relationship, friends, moving. There has also be a death of someone highly close to me, and several crimes committed surrounding that situation. We're now spending thousands on lawyer's fees to right the wrongs (the crimes) that enjoy been committed.

Tonight I'm basically full of sadness and crying. I enjoy no friends to call, and could use the support... appreciation.

buck up, you've got a shot surrounded by hell at being cheery so don't blow it by feeling sorry for yourself!
check this out might oblige some
Well, I don't know you, and I can't say that I know how you are response. All I can say is that I hope things look up for you soon, and that everything straightens out and that natural life becomes bright again for you :)
why do we be aware of sad? so we know how special it is to be thrilled. :) smile!
It's okay to cry of course... Let it out for a absolute amount of time, say a minute or so, and when that amount of time is up, basically stop, take a open breath, and move on.
Everything pass. This will, too.
Actually asking for support can be hard and the reality that you've done this speaks volumes about your resilience. You'll bring through this.
Look kiddo, could it get any lower? No, probably not. If that's the casing then things are markedly looking up. Think about these things your not the subsequent time you feel low.
You're not moving to Tere Haute Indiana. (Been near several times. Trust me. You're glad you're not moving there.)
You're not a greasy french fry cook at McDonald's. (God I hope I'm right on that one.)
You're not going to hold to watch an aging David Hasselhoff formulate a fool of himself on America's Got Talent tonight.
You're not married to that nerd who use to devour paste when you be in kinder garden. (Man, wasn't that gross?)
You're not going to send to prison for ripping that tag past its sell-by date your couch that says don't rip stale under cost of law. (You didn't did you? The Feds are monitoring this you know. Maybe you shouldn't answer my sound out.)
And best of all, you're not related to, best friends beside or even acquainted with Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Nichole Richey or that d*mn Anna Nichole Smith Baby.

Also, I would bet you hold a beautiful smile when you use it.
Email me...
We can verbalize.
I totally understand.

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