Does everyone reckon eye contact is compulsory?

I think nearby is something wrong with me(autism or something)... I inherently dont make eyecontact near people... pointless jibber gibber doesn't catch my attention unless im near people im comfortable beside. i heard inhabitants say im not a friendly character,slow cuz i can't pay attention my coach told me im in my "own world"
When I smoke I consistency more in touch near my enviornment, my brain recognizes sincerity and what im doing is different/wrong
Anyone else going thru the same point

Eye contact is uncomfortable for me too. Prolonged contact sap me of my energy, you know the fear. Eyes being the windowpane to our soul are very powerful body parts and can never be underestimate.

But you can adopt a few seconds fleeting eye contact to show interest contained by the other party. Especially when they are chitchat.

When you are the one speaking, it ain't necessary to assert eye contact though. Occasionally looking at their forehead is helpful though to show you are still adjectives in their company.
I enjoy the same problem near eye contact. I was neglected when I be a small child, and a psychologist suggested that because I wasn't around people plenty at the stage when I was supposed to be study things like eye contact, I never developed the need properly.

However, I haven't found any substances that fix the problem when I use them. Or maybe I a moment ago didn't notice at the time.
I too hold the tendency to avoid eye contact. I reflect it's because eye contact makes it harder for me to truly listen to what the party is saying because I carry distracted by their changes surrounded by facial expression.
Making eye contact is a typically 'western' thing. In Asia, especially massively traditional Asian societies like Japan, eye contact is rude. Also, we do not touch the bodies of other humans, it's lewd behavior.
You should move to Asia.

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