A foremost even so strange problem?

I don't know how to really expain this, because I don't know what's going on, but this happened something like twice in the second month. When I would look in the mirror, my own eyes would give the impression of being small to me, when I asked others they said they looked fine and in proportion as usual. They don't look REALLY small, but small nontheless. Could here be such a problem that would cause me to persieve my own frontage the wrong way? (God Forbid.) Or do you conjecture this could be mental, maybe? What should I do? I know this is ridiculous, but I be just wondering..

you other see yourself differently than others (whether you're too harsh on yourself, or a moment or two too confident..) i look at myself and see really fat thighs, but others say aloud it looks fine and they would be glad if theirs looked like mine...lol but adjectives i'm saying is i don't focus it's a disorder or anything. you are just too critical of yourself. :]

swot up to love yourself the way you are..
I conjecture some people hold a tendency to be drastically critical of their own looks, and focus on things that seem different to them. In your bag it's your eyes or face, another personage may think their ear's are too big, so every time they look surrounded by a mirror all they see is big ears. Try not to be so critical and only have fun, focus on the positive.
It could be that when you're looking into the mirror near is more light consideration and that is cause your iris to contract making it look smaller.
I would look into it, especially if it accompanied by not consumption, over exercising, loss of sleep, or a general notion of dislike for yourself. Alot of Anorexics, or Bulimics, see themselves differently in the mirror, because they enjoy made themselves so sick.

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