Should video games be considered addictive approaching a drug?


They don't have like peas in a pod physical effects, but can lead to eye strain and podginess (smile).
They can be psychologically addicting & destroy other interests & wreck marriage & childhood development, close to other drugs.
i wouldnt say they are addictive similar to a drug but they arent good for you...very well..actually they aren't bleak unless you play for like more than an hour a afternoon!!
yes, video games are addictive, but they dont really harm someone close to smoking would, sitting behind a tv playing games for hours is a excess of time. just resembling sitting around watch tv and smooking marijuana adjectives day. they are a form of entertainment. most nation grow out of playing video games as they grow older. if your a immature guy playing games dont worry roughly ti, games are fun. play it all you want eventually you will receive bored with it

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