Am I showing signs of depression?

Am a 16 year-old girl who for the past few weeks (end of academy, summer) has be having these problems:

It take me a long time to go to sleep ( to copious thoughts of getting good grades, doing powerfully at sports, family's health, SAT, driving, etc...

I'm other tired (even if I get 8-10 hrs of sleep)

I other want to be alone and don't want to hang out beside friends or go shopping.

I'm crying like mad especially at night even though nought severe or bad have happened.

My mind is so flustered and I so stressed out----and its summer!

Help me! Can I fix adjectives this!

Sounds like you are showing some pretty regular signs of depression. Depression is more common than you know surrounded by your age group. There are several young adults and teenagers on perscription anti depresents. I would confer with your parents and see if they cant lend a hand you to talk next to someone over the summer nad possibly get your hanging on a med. That way when you walk back for college in the untimely fall you will be much better and more prepared and discern better about everything. Good luck sweetie! I know how you get the impression. High school can be so stressful!! You deserve to be relaxed and jolly and out having a great time!
Let's see i hold been through the simliar point but alittel worse. I was getting depressed and lonely. But it's in recent times worrying to much about a persuaded thing or things altogether. You might not individual feeling depressed fairly tired and stressing. That's all. You shouldn't verbs about it because it get's to you contained by the long run. have fun and delight in life.
wow in reality im like that too.

but I deem as summer progresses, we'll realize its SUMMER.

ur not depressed
It sounds as if you are just "lost: short the regimen and schedule of probably miss your friends, etc. Cut yourself a break - true depression has to be determined by a psychologist/psychiatrist, but if you verbs yourself together and call some friends and gain busy, things will probably be just fine. If you verbs the crying you might want to figure out what is making you so in a state.either on your own or near a doctor's help. Good luck!
Tell an developed that you trust and see if you can get contained by to see your doctor. It sounds like you may be into a depression and you don't enjoy to feel that road. There is help available. Good luck and keep hold of looking up. Phil.
Ah, that was me when a year ago. About going to sleep, try reading until you're too tired to do so. I get the best sleep in months after doing that.

You have need of your alone time. You'll get pay for on the social ladder soon. Try chitchat to an old friend, or a friend that have always made you jolly. They can do wonders for you.

You're a sixteen year old girl. Crying is inevitable. School, parents, friends, boyfriends or want there of, different experiences.. All of these are going to drain you, and all you'll know to do is cry. It's unprocessed.

You're not depressed. Don't worry in the order of that. You're acting completely normal for someone your age, and a couple population you know are probably going through the same article, just neither of you want to share it next to anyone.

The most important entry to do though is to not jump into a relationship after you grasp back on your foot. All of these emotions and things will exact you to depend too heavily on the other person, and these signs that you own right now, won't be partly of the hurt you'll feel then on if you don't build yourself up first and then step out into the world.
You give the impression of being tired and overworked more than depressed... You need a leave =] Stop pleasing people around you and put yourself first.
you're not depressed. you're ratification through what they call a "blue period" which is wen the renovate in season have an effect on you.
it wont ending more than 2 months. till then drink alot of marine and if u need to cry put on a mogie or depressing music. after that feign on ur bed, close ur eyes and imagine adjectives ur thoughts were feathers- mentally blow them adjectives away. then look at the mirror and snigger at urself for being silly! and ure cheered up!
if that doesnt facilitate, chocolate will ;) show signs of classic depression, although despite what many family think, classic depression is not defined by dimness and despair but rather a removal of energy and focus.
You requirement to seek relieve.your best bet is to see a licensed clinical social worker or Lcsw. They are better suited to provide you with more facilitate than a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. Psychologist are not always experienced as Lcsw's contained by the area of analysis and Psychiatrist, do to the nature of insurance, are more concerned almost how you are responding to medicine than in actuality finding out whats wrong with you.
It depends on what's going on contained by your life. It would abet to stay busy. When I was your age, I be riding bicycles, go cart, building tree houses, swinging on those old time tree swings, jump in the tarn down the road during my summer breaks. Kids now days merely sit in front of the computer and society wonders why our babies are getting depressed at a much early age! I think you're basically fine. Just listen to us old timers. You are still surrounded by your youth so act close to it, enjoy it to the fullest while you still can! Enjoy your time sour from school. Get yourself arranged for next year by not worrying so much just about tomorrow. That day will other bring about its troubles, and besides, God have said there's no promise of tomorrow anyway, so just move about about today!
Depression starts at the age of puberty as the chemicals are strong adequate to upset your life. Actually it starts near sexual training but its all one and the same. Depression chemicals stay in the spinal fluid for a long time . The single antidote I know of is the endorphins also created by the upper brains. Keep trying to avoid erasing your beliefs as that cause the depression chemicals.

Everyone go through rough times where we get the impression sad or down surrounded by the dumps. Actually, it’s pretty normal to get the impression that way on point.

Crying can be cathartic and beneficial, allowing us to release all the cynical stuff that is cause us to feel bleak. However, when depression seems to be going ceaseless and the patient in recent times can’t snap out of it no matter how concrete he or she tries, then that probably signifies depression.

Depression is one of the most adjectives mental illnesses in America. It have been reported that roughly 9.5 million Americans suffer from depression almost every six months. You should remember that depression does not choose a victim as it could practically affect anyone anything social status or race.

It is high-status that we know the signs of depression so that we can deal next to it and have it alleviated. If the following signs enjoy been going on for more than two weeks, later you should seek professional comfort.

1. The person have drastic change of appetite.
If the individual suddenly gains shipment or plummets to a stick-thin figure, later chances are he might be depressed. This is purely one sign that has to correspond near other signs to validate the existence of depression.

2. He suddenly have a sudden change contained by sleeping patterns.
The creature could be a sound sleeper his entire life span and then suddenly, experiences insomnia and other sleeping problems. This could be a symptom that depression is lurking.

3. The personality suddenly loses interest in things and actions he used to enjoy.
If a individual had be passionate more or less an activity, e.g., basketball, and consequently suddenly makes a 360 level turn, that could be a symptom of depression.

4. There is energy loss and presence of fatigue.
You may see an adjectives change contained by attitude. The person does not want to actively involve yourself in in actions. Energy is seeped from him and when asked what the business is, he could only shrug and retreat posterior to his sadness.

5. The personage feels he is unworthy.
This is when depression can be moving into a serious mode. The human being begins to be aware of that he has zilch to live for and unworthy of being loved and appreciated.

6. The individual starts losing hope.
Gone is his optimism to live another day. He is already hopeless and no amount of "hope springs eternal" can verbs him out of this rut.

7. The person feel guilty without any sense at all.
The individual stops himself from being optimistic because he feels he have no right to be one. He harbors guilt for no apparent foundation.

8. He becomes indecisive.
What used to be a firm decision-maker suddenly become fickle-minded and too indecisive. Depression occurs when one is too insecure to come up near decisions.

9. He is suicidal.
This is such an alarming sign that medical backing must be provided as soon as possible.

10. He experiences melancholia.
Melancholia is that sadness that completely engulf the person and is characterized by the following: wake up two hours earlier than the usual, lethargically moving in the morning and walking slowly.

11. He become mentally disturbed.
He suddenly thinks of morbid things, detaches himself from his usual mindset and starts hallucinating.

12. He develops physical ache.
A depressed person get stomachaches or muscle pains with no physiological foundation at all.

13. He obtain that "My life is ratification by" feeling.
Other than assimilating the "Life is unwarranted!" and "what has gone wrong?" drama, a clinically depressed personality also feels that he is in recent times simply watching his life deteriorating from afar.

14. The human being becomes antisocial.
A depressed being is likely to isolate himself from his kith and kin and friends. But there is also a defence when a depressed person get so frightened being alone that he clings to society all the time. However, no amount of social involvement make him feel better.

Depression, if seriously taken and treated, would lead to more severe mental illnesses or even destruction.

Everyone has to know the signs and symptoms so the subsequent time he has a hunch that a loved one is currently suffering depression, he could without delay ask a doctor to administer professional assistance.

read the rest of the Overcoming Depression online health guide here:

There are also a hulking selection of MENTAL HEALTH articles and resources here:

It sounds as though you requirement to learn some Stress Management technique, and maybe some Time Management strategies too, so that you can do paperwork your chores and not become so "overwhelmed"

Apart from that, read and learn what you can so that you can work out if you hold any classic symptoms of Depression.

There are many 'natural remedies' you can try to upgrade your mental health, and I suggest you try them adjectives. But be sure to talk to someone you trust, a friend or kith and kin member, or your doctor, it you touch that you are losing control, or going down that dangerous and attractive 'downward spiral' to chronic negativity and atmosphere of worth-lessness.

Even taking some steps to improve your self confidence and self esteem may be sustain ful to you .

GOOD LUCK & GOOD HEALTH, I'm sure you have a fantastic natural life ahead of you, just dont tolerate life events overwhelm you.

- Helene

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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