Addiction a form of OCD?

I have never hear of a link between addiction and OCD, but I be wondering what your take on it is. What is addiction except OCD? Whether addiction to drugs/alcohol, shopping, gambling, etc., it is an obssesive and compulsive achievement that is irrational. A being with OCD who compulsively wash his hands know that it is irrational, but can't help the deed. Someone addicted to gambling will obssess over prizewinning, act compulsively and irrationally. An alcoholic who take that first drink knowing that it will have disasterous consequences is acting out of nouns and irrationally. All addictions can be analyzed resembling this. I"m not saying that everyone near OCD has addiction. But I'm wondering if all addict have OCD? The thought crossed my mind b/c I own mild OCD and I have a history of substance swearing. My addictions enjoy been my best obsessive complusive behavior (and surrounded by that regard, not so mild.) So it only made me wonder if there's a link. I would close to to hear your thoughts.Thanks!

I believe it is but get sustain a support group or an expert in the pen.
Wow, I hope you are not still clouding up your brilliant brain. Your question is well-thought and your conclusions are terribly interesting. I can see where you linking the behaviors and own never thought of it this way. I lately saw a documentary on a man who murdered his entire family and blamed it on his severe, but untreated OCD. He said that although he know the behavior was wrong, once it get into his head he feel compelled to follow through, this could also be said of addictive behavior. You should follow through and start writing down your thoughts on this, you may discover a link that could eventually amass your life and the lives of others.
It make good sense to me that they are connected. I surface we all hold gradations of addiction, starting with straightforward relationship desires. Why is it that someone can occupy our thoughts more than another? Some relationships turn obsessive and are unwholesome, and that is of course an addiction, no? Hobbies can be addictions, no? I guess it is gobbledygook we are speaking of here and whether the particular goal of the ocd is harmful or safe ( alcohol vs handwashing) But I salute you for analyzing this and overcoming ones weaknesses is a huge triumph since we are dealing next to a physiology and brain function that is pre programmed.
I'm sure that chronic addiction, and OCD, share many similar characteristics, and it wouldn't surprise me if they be found to be controlled by similar parts of the brain, or otherwise have adjectives causes and effects. Personally I wouldn't cogitate that one was simply a symptom of the other, though. I reflect on they may just be conditions next to a lot of parallel and/or connections.
No that we all do not enjoy a degree.. but if u read, i guess u will find, that different type of mental illness are related contained by some way.. OCD, is addictive within motions and actions !. Alcoholics, gamblers, shoppers, etc, go and get addictive..
IT IS ALL IN THE BRAIN, just close to people who are bi-polar., the ans. is vastly complex and takes years of studying mental bad health. Hope this helps.

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