Anxiety and adderral?

I suffer from anxiety and derealization (feel like I enjoy brain fog, a feeling of anyone ina dream).

My Dr. wants me to try adderral to see if I can become more focused. I am afraid that I will own big anxiety issues.

Would it be wise to ask for an SSRI beside this?

Was not sure if you can take an SSRI beside adderral.

Try the Adderal (see and practise daily, and when needed, one of the relaxation methods at on page 2, and see anxiety, on page 6. One therapy for derealisation is to stare at your hand, without judge. Regard your condition as being lone temporary. Maintain mundane bodily maintenance, such as consumption healthily, etc. See (whatdiss.htm) and go to Google; groups, where on earth there are some. I'd find therapy from someone experienced contained by treating this, successfully: use the locators, and read pages 1, and 2, at ezy-build.
I abhorrence to argue with an MD, but Adderral is essentially a form of speed -- and as such, it IS likely to create your anxiety worse. My advice? Get a second view.

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