Who am I?

I have lately realized that I suffer from a defense moving parts called introjection ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Introjectio... )
to summarize: "...introjection channel incorporating attributes, attitudes or qualities of an not here person of big significance (for example, an absent working mother or a only just deceased relative) into oneself."

This money that so many of my opinion of yourself "traits" which I believed are mine, are actually somebody else's. This is the method I dealt near the traumatizing situation of the only being I ever truly loved leaving me. Now I'm have an identity crisis because I now enjoy no idea who I am. I be a different person 2 years ago and presently I'm somebody else, but its not me! Who am I?? What do I do?

Answers:    It must seem resembling an infinite loop of torment; you developed this defense mechanism to business deal with the from the heart pain of your partner going away you; but through "introjection" you're constantly reminding yourself of that person.

You developed your defense contraption to protect yourself from thoughts and feelings that be too painful and unpleasant to take on; the cause be very probably, as you read out, your partner leaving you.

You'll hold to face the root incentive of your anxiety. In your case that will probably plan lots of very unpleasant emotion and feelings while you adjust to not man with your partner anymore. It can be extremely aching.

But when it's all over you'll be your ancient self again.
how do i know you will read this and not someone-else?--so you are k-k get your own self and dont copy someone else

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