About xanax??

has anyone taken this medication long permanent status and gained solidity from it?

In the clinical trials for Xanax, 2.7% of all patients taking Xanax reported mass gain. So did 2.7% of all patients taking a placebo.

Another 2.3% reported bulk loss. Of those taking the placebo, 3.0% reported weight loss.

It doesn't nouns like the pills itself causes counterbalance loss or weight gain. However, you're taking Xanax because you're experiencing anxiety.

If your anxiety keep you from cooking a decent suppertime, or sitting down and eating it when you're done, it's going to clear a difference when your experience less anxiety, right?

Our bodies are pretty accurate at taking care of our selves. According to medical research, any counterweight loss or gain you experience from changes contained by what you eat should be smaller quantity than 10% of your baseline weight, and you'll automatically start heading pay for to your baseline weight after six to twelve months, even if you don't want to.
Not unless it make you sleep alot.Then it might stop you from exercising which would cause wt gain.
It depends on what you miserable by long term? I enjoy taken xanax and similar drugs for anxiety and haven't gained any "significant" solidity. Maybe a few pounds up and down, but nothing substantial. It also depends on what other medication you may be taking. Anti-depressants hold a tendency to put on consignment. Speak with a pharmcist on adjectives your medications, it may be something else or a combination of adjectives that you take. If it's simply a few pounds, I wouldn't be concerned.
Like most medication it can cause counterweight gain. Sadly Xanax stops working after so long, and leads to depression eventually.

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