Ahhh depression...?

So used to it, and so tired of it. I'm sure some of you know exactly what i mean. Nothings exciting, and theres not much that'll cheer you up.

Not really a grill, sorry...just relating it how it is.

I completely agree and I'm right there beside you.
It doesn't exactly help beside relationships either! I've be with my boyfriend for almost 6 years very soon and I know he still has a frozen time understanding what this is resembling to deal next to. There are many times when I'm surrounded by a bad mood, don't be aware of like chitchat, or I just surface like sleeping adjectives day. It's pretty rock-hard to ignore such a powerful sensation, but I will continue to clash against it to avoid it completely taking over my life.

My biggest problem beside my boyfriend is that when I do feel approaching talking in the region of it, I just want him to sit in attendance and listen! I don't want him trying to "fix it" or give me suggestions that won't work. Just sit in that and listen. sounds like it should be pretty jammy, but apparently not. You ever had this problem? People trying to come up next to solutions that they think will fix everything?
I totally agree.
Try the depression treatments at http://www.ezy-build.lattice. (.net.nz/~shaneris) on page 2.
Sounds similar to you need a stress free fun time off!
YOu have to run on a vacation.This notion is not going away.
I am there and enjoy the t-shirt.
Yeah. I think I'd a bit be physically sick than depressed. It's awful, isn't it.
If you are truly depressed, get some help--you don't enjoy to feel that course. Find a mental health professional very soon.

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