Anxiety does any one else unflustered down only just by reading others question and awswers?

Dear can be comforting to know that other people share some of your experiences. Nice to know that you are not alone beside some of your fears. It is also very cathartic for me to answer some question particularly if I discern I can give someone some insight as to treatments that are available and distribute them some hope.
yes I do cause I start to realzie at hand are a lot of other relations out there who own same problems as I do..this makes me grain like smaller amount of a nut
funny you ask that. i only come on here when I'm down. i guess its the realization that in that are other people surrounded by this world with bigger or smaller concerns afterwards i have within my life right very soon
When I think that my dating duration is bad I see the backache that others are going through and it really sucks for them and I hate that they're going through it, but at indistinguishable time I'm happy that I'm not presently permanent some of the things they have going on.
Yup. Reading other question can help me realise that a great deal of people enjoy problems and that they might want to hear my opinion. If I can aid out, I will and I feel ood give or take a few it. Reading other peoples answers can make me cram new things or sometimes answer my "unasked" grill.
yes because it gives the reader more peace of mind and so they consistency not so alone with this disabling disorder..i hold a site you might like...adjectives the best
yes it help me to relax by reading and answering question for others i might not get best answers but i approaching to do it
Unless I come across a Q or A that shows an obvious removal of thought.
Yes it's great to read and see that other people own the same problems that I do. It's also a great process to hear about nouns stories and makes me hopeful that sometime I'll cure myself of it too =]
Yes, distraction is a great key when it comes to peaceful down from an anxiety attack. I also love to read or talk on the phone.Anything to preoccupy the mind during anxiety help a great deal!
Thanks, Better immediately.
Yes. It helps me remember within are a lot worse nutcases out at hand than me. It also helps pinch my mind off of my problems and focus on helping someone else.
YES! It's really theraputic.
Funny you ask. Yea. And sometimes I read bygone e-mails from a friend, I realize I'm not the only one near issues.

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