Anxiety roughly speaking classes?

I should be attending my 6th semester of college this fall. I own social anxiety and have to draw together with my latest academic advisor until that time I am able to sign up for classes. I be supposed to sign up for classes at the end of april but can't do it. I own gone to the office 5 times and other turn around at the last minute. I enjoy tried to "just do it" but it's had it. How can I do this???

I know I am screwing myself over. That's why I am here asking for give support to. If you don't understand social anxiety, you may not read between the lines that I cannot just "win over it".

I have emailed my advisor and he told me I have to come in to sign up for classes because it can't be done over the phone or through email.

Go see the folks within the student health or mental strength clinic. There are medications available that can minister to you get things hindmost in control so you can do it. They can also assist bridge things for you and the new advisor so you can attain registered for the classes, and help you cram other ways to get the trouble beneath control if medications are not a well brought-up solution for you in the long residence. Paxil and Zoloft are mild antidepressants which have proved greatly helpful for individuals who suffer as you do, and when combined with some psychiatric help, have help many culture learn to overcome the problem. It's unquestionably worth a try, seeing as you realize it's impacting on your ability to function, you are partly way home to the solution already. Good luck.
Maybe you should fashion an appointment to do it, that way you will grain like someone is waiting on you. Then possibly you won't feel similar to turning around and leaving is an substitute.
Dont worry going on for it I would just shift down to the collage and sign up! Youll do great!
I have social anxiety too. I get in the quirk of taking internet classes only. next dropped out to plan my wedding. Now I hold to go surrounded by to register for classes and I just dont want to.
There is another basis, and I am using that as an excuse to wait until subsequent year to go vertebrae.

Its hard, but if you REALLY want to complete your schooling, you own to do this. Try doing some relaxation breathing is good for this. I know, it sounds rediculous, but try it, it really does relief you to relax and feel obedient. Keep in mind that you solitary have to walk in and agree to your advisor this ONE time, and then its adjectives over with!
The more you put it rotten, the more anxiety you will feel over it.
I follow your situation completely. You may want to explain to your advisor your situation. Just explain that you are very anxiuos just about the meeting and would aversion to delay your tuition on account of it. Or you can train your brain into making it grasp that the meeting is not a threat. You can do this by practicing going to the bureau and becoming comfortable with the nouns. Each time you go you stipulation to go a moment or two further. If you don't have time to do this consequently you may want to try taking an aid to calm your nerves. Some associates take benydril or obtain a prescription for an anti anxiety drug such as xanax, elivil, etc.. Either way, you hold to deal near it or it will grow larger. I have deal with this my undamaged life. Good luck..and don't quit trying.

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