Fits of cruelty?

Up until a few months ago, i have be a very responsible even temper individual. No longer do drugs and drink rarely.
Lately i enjoy been copletely numb, no longer moved by desolate events, and completely unable to empathise next to others. I have also be experiencing feelings of shout at the smallest provocations.
I do not believe in psychiatry, so i will not run to anyone. I am only asking if anyone else have experienced this? What caused it for you? This isnt necessarily a discouraging experience, just curious as to what could bring this on so suddenly?

Hold it within until you're in a place where on earth you can't hurt anyone.

In me, anxiety can come out as anger. I sometimes have to lift it out on something soft. Like a pillow or a stuffed animal or something.
you might be bipolar!! kid is like you.
be tranquil.
It could be a number of things.
Have you experienced something traumatic lately?
Did something trigger a memory of something traumatic lately?
You nouns like you are depressed.
Research depression and see if that explains what you are response.
If you are then you can receive an antidepressant from your primary care physician. short going to a psychiatrist or a psychologist. ( I know you said that you don't believe in psychiatry but these are issues of the psyche...)
Since you don't believe surrounded by psychiatry, why not see a psychologist? Psychologists don't give medication, merely therapy and if you don't similar to it, it can't hurt you! (aside from something like hypnosis or psychology on the watery minded which can be dangerous).

Anyways, I've gone through periods of apathy and irritability. It's subdivision of depression and the causes of depression are abundant.

If you are depressed, cognitive behavoiral therapy have been clinically proven to be only as effective as antidepressant medication within curing mild to moderate depression, but since it's just psychology no horrid side effects (and often smaller quantity incidences of relapse).
You've done drugs and you don't...could be built up stiffness numbed and drowned by the supposid previous abusive manner.

I had an insolent nature, and when I go cold turkey for 9 months-a kind of anxiety, anger, fustrations, rage-boiled up inside of me-it took over me where on earth I'd shake, my vision would very unsettling and made me discern helpless. So, they gave me more drugs. Slowed my body, but vanished my mind to race at 450mph.

There are more ethnic group out there struggling beside this kind of article than anyone realises. Could pass them surrounded by the street, drive passed them, work with them.

It's a silent torture, that devours you from the inside out. And it like it.

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