"Recovery" Just looking for others opinion on "drug addiction"?

how many of you believe that 12 step programs work? and how various of you know someone who has given up everything that matter for their drug of choice? Just sincere answers please...

I gave everything to meth. EVERYTHING when I be last contained by the county jail, i have nothing but the clothes i be wearing. I also spent 14 months in Texas prison. I 12-step very soon. 12 step does work but so do alot of other programs. And yes it is imperative that you realize that addiction is bigger than you are and you are powerless to stop. Don't worry in the region of about what other voice. My so and so quit cold turkey or so and so did this or that. Just worry more or less what you can do to get your duration back.

Remember the 12 steps never enunciate you have to quit using drugs. They report you how to get your mind right. Then you can quit. Not the other road around
I had gotten into drugs and alcohol for a while, and I'm single 15. The fact is I didn't want to stop, no situation who said what I just didn't. So I found out the rugged way, that you cannot rather unless you really [[100%]] want to. It took someone special leaving me for me to relatively. But I have alot of friends into drugs and they supply up alot for drugs... I haven't seen any of the psychiatric help things working for them, because they didn't want to quit. Hope that answers your question, merely my opinion.
Well, I don't resembling the AA thing almost "I'm powerless." Plus they seem sort of cult-like. Most society quit drugs on their own when they've just have enough of it. But they never show up within statistics cause nobody know - they don't go to a hospital or AA or anything - they in recent times quit. (My husband was a heroin user for years before I know him and then he be in a methadone program but he quit on his own. No NA or anything. I show, he went to psychotherapy for over a year but he's really healthy immediately. Seriously healthy.)
Your concluding detail with the coping capability is absolutely the answer. Any addiction to anything come from not looking honestly, openly, at vivacity because you're scared or you want things to be at variance from what they actually are. You only don't feel honourable enough the channel you are. Some people come to the realization that they are moral enough, that things are in recent times as they are supposed to be, through therapy or some populace have these really dramatic "quantum change." I've heard it described as outlook something physically pulling on you or like a bolt of lightning - and suddenly you're different.
i know a friend that her mom does meth, almost adjectives pills, and she puts all of it previously her children. ppl tell her "for ur kids sake!", but she keep on. the person beside the problem has to WANT to quit. they cant freshly say, OK im gonna stop. next to some drugs, u cant just stop, u hold to slowly come down from it.

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