Anger problem.....please look?

I'm a 16 yr old girl and i hold a huge anger problem. I'm always getting nutty at my family, sometimes i get hold of pretty violent. I am allways hostile when around or when chitchat to my parents. I finally relize that i need sustain for my problem. What do i do to get assistance? Are there meds i can be put on? Serious answers one and only

Don't sign up for meds just nonetheless. Teen-aged years are filled beside hormonal ups and downs, for both female and mannish alike. It is a normal process. I would suggest finding someone impartial to speak to like an elder friend, someone in their 20's or 30's that have already gone through this. If not maybe a university official similar to a guidance councilor. See how that works for you. If after a while it is not working, and is even getting worse discuss to your parents or if you don't want to involve them just even so, a school councilor that can provide a psychologist for you to speak to.

Simply own someone to vent to might diffuse your anger. I know it did for me. I was deeply very hostile during my teens.
hey girl i own that same problem to.
huh. it gets really fearsome sometimes to.
DONT take anger headship classes
they just product you WAYY WAYY WAYYYY
MORE angry. i havent found anything yet but
within are meds i just dont want ot run them.
i dont know what they are but im NOT going
to tak any medicines. i mostly procure angry because of
my dad though so my mom didnt want me around him
during my summer Va-K so she sent me to live
wih my uncle and it has help me ALOT ..
untill i get around my dad. so are you sure its
you ..
and not the relations around you?
but good luck
and i hope you find something that
works 4 you.
attention seeking this is call.. i suggest next time u establish to shout... shut da fuk up
become friends with mary jane and mellow out, man. yeaaaah

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