Ahh! what to do nearly EXTREME agitation beside public speaking??

I am in college, and not long I have gotten worse than ever near my nervousness! I dont know whats going on, or how to control it!!? I enjoy to do a presentation and I know that Im going to be a nervous wreck, I shake hysterically, reeeally bad, and sweat and cant breath, and litterally discern like im going to enjoy a nervous breakdown. In college growing up I've always feel nervous roughly speaking presenting and stuff, but recently it's get so much worse. Anyways what do I do?? Im seriously thinking about dropping the class (even though it ends surrounded by 3 weeks) just because thats how impossible i dont want to do this! I dont know how to control it, i dont want to make a fool out of myself contained by front of the class looking like a scared wreck!

Ive also noticed i acquire really bad hysterics attacks sometimes for no reason or for a small article, like if I stir to the store or something like that. Ive be like this up until nearly a year ago!

Also with 20 years contained by mental health as a psychotherapist, I disagree beside the answerer who suggested medication is inappropriate. If you enjoy an anxiety disorder, or simply a common nervousness of public speaking, you have choices available and you hold a right to know what they are. Inderal, a beta blocker, is often given as a one time dose a short time ago before events that require public conduct and can be very efficient in controlling the anxiety symptoms for a short time to help you win through it. If you have more pervasive anxiety symptoms that crop up outside this particular situation, I would suggest that you see a psychotherapist for an evaluation and to discuss the treatment options available which include dream therapy, medication or a combination of the two. Often times my clients try therapy first and for masses that is adequate. Others benefit more from therapy within conjunction with meds and in that is no right answer for everyone. There is only the answer that best fits for you surrounded by reducing your anxiety.
Good Luck!
Ask yourself, why you are nervous? Are you afraid of truism something wrong or someone throwing a tomato at you? I use to have this same problem (I still grasp nervous but not in close proximity as bad) I make sure I control my breathing and integer out what you are scared of. You could also try practicing within front of a couple people you perceive comfortable with consequently add a few more as time go on. I wouldn't suggest any medication, that only cause more problems with side effects.
Good luck
If its truly at twitchy breakdown level, next medication is not out of the question, and you involve to accomplish these speeches and things for school, so its not unreasonable at adjectives.

Go to your doctor, say you take insanely nervous sometimes, especially on stage - They could probably provide you next to some beta-blockers which are used to slow heart rates. Performers often use them to exterminate nerves, you'll find that this will eliminate most of those physical symptoms which will modernize your relaxation on stage and hence your performance. I don't have a sneaking suspicion that there's really much else you can do until you've spoken in front of more audiences to become relaxed.

That or Klonopin can be valuable. I have a bottle I hold at my apartment in travel case my panic attacks bring back too intense to a level I can't bar. It's nice just knowing you own an option.
I'd probably transport some calming herb like kava or valerian, later I'd get a small group of friends together and practice contained by front of them
You could be suffering from social anxiety disorder. Make an appointment with a psychiatrist to find out. There are important medications and psychotherapy for this disorder.

I also had a great distress of public speaking. I found that the only cure be trial by fire. I just get up and did it when I had to start student rule. It was any do it, or lose my assistantship. I shook and stuttered through my first class, but by the third or fourth week, I bet my blood pressure didn't raise a point from standing within front of my class.
aw.poor thing! i have a sneaking suspicion that that the stress is just getting to you. you shoul use teh rudiments.IMAGINE THE CLASS IN ITS UNDERWEAR! always worl\ks for me. also, deed like you are holding a conversation near them. talk contained by your regular voice. thini kof it as nothing more than recounting them something.
ok this'll probably sound dumb.. but i have the same problem singular not as bad and i go to the book store and got Public Speaking for Dummies and it give a lot of apt tips and is really easy to read. It might give a hand with philosophy and ways to feel more confident near your public speaking and it also gives tips to be more comfortable around others even if you arent speaking within front of a class. It helps you focus on adjectives the tips and info that the book gave instead of thinking of how fearful you are. If that doesnt help after i guess id suggest seeing a professional and finding out what is cause all this anxiety. ably i hope i helped alittle.. suitable luck!
As a mental health professional beside 20+ years experience, now retired, I can put in the picture you that taking medications to acquire beyond this anxiety is a horrible idea. I've see too many clients run to meds of one sort or another for every little complaint, and I can't contemplate respectfully for many of them. I can remember vertebrae into highschool when I used to be anxious just about standing up before the class and presenting some broadsheet or reciting some poem, etc., and I know how you grain. Thank God, literally, that our society wasn't so drug oriented spinal column then, or I don`t know I just wasn't as aware of adjectives the legal drugs as I am immediately, but, I just have to suffer my way through the presentation, and be as appreciative as humanly possible when it was adjectives over. Let me tell you that you truly aren't the single one in your class who's as worried as you are. A lot of those anxious ones won't articulate about it because they're afraid of their anxiety. Thank God, literally, that you DO chat about it. It exposes the anxiety and make it vulnerable to cure. But abundantly of your friends in class are looking at you more to see how you cope beside your anxiety more than to learn from your presentation. They're edgy as helll too. And the ones who "suffer through" as I did, and I hope you do, will be the ones who will improve the most. Oh, and I still own a problem about speaking within public. Can you believe it, that I actually LOVE it!! And adjectives my friends know it and LOVE to call me when they stipulation someone to make a public presentation any at their community service groups or church or school rule workshop, or whatever. It's not that I enjoy anything particularly knowledgeable to say. It's lately that somehow I went from one anxious to loving public speaking, and people who know me LOVE that give or take a few me. That keeps them from facing their fears and let me have fun next to them. I do hope you stay away from medicines, and carry up there and "show-your-stuff", anxieties and adjectives. Your friends and the world truly look forward to seeing you all throughout your existence, since you'll be the only one beside the bravado to get up here and tell them where on earth it's at! God Bless you.
i think adjectives of your nervousness and anxiety and hysterics attacks one year from now comes from your anxiety to the public place whenever at hand are people around.and it's call social phobia...you'd need to see your psychiatrist first to get hold of some meds to reduce your anxiety to a rational level.the presentation to be tense is only one of the several occasions of the social phobia.
Hi! I’m so sorry to hear you’re consciousness bad. Yes, medication might be capable of help, but try the following steps contained by addition or instead (they get rid of my panic attacks of 15 years):

1.Breathe properly - if you control your breathing, you control nouns. As soon as you notice the signs of anxiety, check your breathing: breathe contained by slowly through your nose pushing your tummy out (to the count of 5 or so). Breathe out slowly and for a bit longer (to the count of 7 or so) through your mouth. Do not breathe speedily or shallowly (in the chest area). This will soon restore the balance of oxygen and you will discern a lot better.

2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy! CBT is proven to be the most significant thing for nouns attacks and social anxiety. It takes a bit of work, but it is super successful. You can speak to your doctor about taking a course or you can help yourself to a course for free online at: http://www.livinglifetothefull.com/... It has be funded by NHS Scotland and has have great results thus far.

3. Try relaxation exercise tapes (progressive muscular relaxation). They really minister to if you practise often satisfactory. This site has instructions on how to do it lacking the tapes (and other adjectives info): http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/resource...

With respectively of these steps, practise makes superlative. I hope this helps and you discern better soon. Don’t give up hope! Best of luck!
You might want to try some visualization technique. Atheletes use this to get the best production of their physical body. It could help you capture over some of those subconcious nervousness you enjoy.

i) Sit down in the comfort of your room and ensure here are no disturbances.
ii) Relax, breath deep and exhale until you are at luxury
iii) Visualize yourself doing your presentation. Imagine how you would feel contained by your body, hands, legs and spanking of your heart
iv) Relax and breath deep / exhale again.
v) Do the visualization exercise again but very soon move up the notch a moment or two and imagine yourself doing better (you get the impression more confident, your body, hands, legs are steadier / contained by place).
vi) Keep on repeating the exercise, each time you achieve more and more successful and confident. Stop once you feel confident roughly yourself.

My 2 cents opinion. If you want further methods you could try these - http://www.masterspeakers.com/conquer_fe...

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