Advice needed so I can get a finding?

I'm a 20 year old guy , and I live surrounded by Holland. I've been so depressed.I used to live on the island of Curacao . I have a "life" there , a motor , was going to college. My biggest dream, be to finish my degree within IT , then be in motion to Cuba or Puerto Rico , to study and pursue a carreer in music. Things weren't going so powerfully in college, i lack motivation so I decided to come here and live on my own , and finish college here contained by Holland. Been a year now, and I'm so depressed. I get no life here, I never shift out, I don't got any friends. I be thinking of going back to my island and grasp college over with , so I can work on my dream of hopefully become a prof. musician. My dad don't approaching that idea so much, cuz he sais i'm contained by Europe now, and I get a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the world outside Curacao. But the piece is, I don't feel comfortable here surrounded by Holland. Of course I wanna explore the world, that's what life's all in the region of.But I'm young right? I don't know what to do, please aid.

go hindmost to the island where you be happy, I'm sure if your father know how unhappy you are he will become conscious.good luck i hope you hold a happy duration.
I would have to influence that you should follow your heart. If you're miserable there within Holland then you call for to leave. You're never going to be thrilled unless you're on the "right track."

Good luck, I hope you find happiness.
Go final to the island, get collage over beside, but make more of an physical exertion. as your dad said its a once in a lifetime opportunity. and...continue.i CUBAN singer? call me sometime!

I'm still fancy bad for you..
Live your existence the way you want to - don't do things for someone else - not even your dad. If you aren't jolly where you are you involve to go to where on earth you believe you'll be happy. Just don't burn bridges on the mode. Explain to your dad that this is really what's in your heart. You enjoy a lot of living to do even so - who knows where on earth you will be five years from now. Do what you perceive you need to do. Good Luck!
Get into a skirmish. It's the best way to receive rid of depression. Then do something that makes you lively, or at least something you don't mind doing. And if you ruminate about it, everyone requirements a friend or associates to talk to and hang down out or chill with. So bring in some. It isn't that hard. There's gotta be another lonely soul out within just approaching yourself who wants a friend, you of late have to compensate attention. As for your dad, f*ck em. If you let him hold you put money on or down, you deserve to be in the bent over d*ck taking position your within. Stop being so pitiful and start doing something for yourself.
Your dad know you and has your best interests surrounded by mind, I know it's probably hard to hear but consider taking his counsel to heart.
Making friends is more about what you do and how you approach things than going on for where you are.
What in the region of clubs or classes for your music? You could meet others interested within the same things you are interested within.
For God's sake man, get a hobby.

I run into the same problem at your age and the merely thing that save me was writing unsold novel and learning just about photography, with a few crappy girlfriends along the opening. It was a depressing time, but the countryside was nice when I realize that I was taking photographs of things I had never looked at beforehand.

Explore the world? Start in the support yard, and work out from here.

(PS: I have an ancestor from Holland. He come over to America when he was 15. I owe my duration to him. He did this in 1628. I approaching the Dutch. They are explorers, scientists, painters and musicians. Sounds approaching you are in that league. Learn from their culture. Keep the fire burning.)
catch out and make friends .. experience things within are tons of people who would love to be contained by your situation. relish this and I know you're homesick but I have to agree near your Dad. He's doing you a favor with the things he say and feels.After time you might love it here... Get outside and enjoy a different country...

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