Anger problems can you over come them?

yes... if you are ready, i only just had counselling for my bags and i feel resembling i can forget everything and deal next to anything... it doesnt have to be a lofty paid shrink it can be anyone who isnt involved surrounded by your life at adjectives and can give aim advice.
ya sure but first u have need of to relax and have a stress bubble which probally u could get from CVS pharmacy or somewhere resembling that. secondly just verbalize bout it with someone how it stresses u out and u dont want to loose control! im one and only a 11 year old dont know if it works but this help my mommy
theres this thing call anger managment. they teach you tricks to buy and sell with your anger instead of taking it out on society. check it out.
Yes, definitely. Its an gross thing, so fix it...Anger Management classes, or a analyst.
you can go to anger running to figure out what get you so ticked off, consequently apply techniques to control yourself whenever you're pissed rotten about something.
When you amount it out lt me know.
Sure. My anciety comes out most often as anger. I lift it out on inanament objects. Tennic balls, pillow... anything I can't break.

I've get a freakie strenght(like, lift 2/3 of body weight), so I REALLY want to be careful in the region of when and where I agree to anything out.

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