Has anybody ever died by newly holding in that breath.ie:can it be done.?Stupid cross-question,I know but my simply curio

think around it
as soon as you pass out from holding ur breath you drip unconcious
what do you do when you fall unconcious/asleep
you breath
it would be impossible.
a girl did die once from holding her breath for similar to a minute and her vains bursted up
Not to my knowledge & can it be done? I'm not sure. It's not a stupid sound out by any means.
There are individuals who passed out holding their breath too long to train for water exercises, and when they go past out if they are underwater they have drowned, so yes it can come to pass. Also if you pass out and are frontage down on a pillow, etc. you can be unable to breathe and come vertebrae, so yes, it can happen.
Cannot be done long plenty to kill you. After the short-term, your brain truly senses the buildup of Co2 instead of the low oxygen and the brain will start you breathing again. Even if you 'pass out', the autonomic nervous system will purloin over and begin the breathing.
don't verbs, it's not possible! the worst that can ensue is that you faint from not adequate oxygen reaching your brain, but once you're unconcious your body goes on automatic so you can't oblige but breath!
wow, I sound resembling such a nerd...
it is physically impossible to do this.. you hold your breath long adequate you'll knock yourself out but not die...You'll still breathe "knocked out".

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