Anger-management needed?

ok i get really pissed bad really easy and when im pissed i lately want to beat the living sh!t out of something which can grasp me in trouble bc even though im a girl its be said i hit way too frozen whitch explain why no one would scrap me in institution, but do i really need to consider anger-management?

Possibly! but more than plausible it could be an addiction. We can become addicted to any emotion and as a result of this addiction we will sub-consciencely create situations within our lives to re-inforce the emotion. It may nouns a little crazy but it is a reality. Our cells own receptors on the surface that recieve peptides or chain amino acids produced by the Hypothermos gland contained by your brain. I have an angst for pleasure that have cased me to be victimized by drug and alcohol abuse for years. That is until I discovered the physical problem. Now I have found that by suplimenting my diet beside extra amino acids I have no craving for self medication. But by adjectives means do not help yourself to my word for it purchase the video What the Bleep do we Know from Blockbuster for about 20$. it is a combination of dramitization and panel discussion and a plethora of information including Quantum Physics. Well worth every penny. I hope this help instead of P**sing you off. Pun intended. Good Luck and GOD Bless.
This should abet.good luck
Yes possibly so. It would not hurt to at least get hold of a consultation. You dont want to go to intern for somthing you will regret
Anything is possible. Perhaps you need to discuss the issue beside a doctor, pastor, or other qualified person you trust.
I do feel badly with you, be there. For me it be a long process of self-healing, but its worth it.

Read this article on why we can angry and how we can control anger
Is Anger controlling your life?

Are you within legal trouble because of your anger?

Are you losing a relationship because of your anger?

Are you a subject of domestic violence or sexual assault? Those traumas can drive profusely of anger!! Counseling can help.

I believe near is a difference between "righteous anger" and "unrighteous anger"

Some folks get into the way of being angry adjectives of the time or get addicted to anger.

Anger is okay is like mad of situations; it is how we manifest that anger.

You might get an evaluation and budge from there; craft sure you find a counselor who is knowledgeable give or take a few anger management issues. Most counselors enjoy some skills in closely of areas but I recommend someone who specializes in the nouns that will benefit you the most!
You need to breathe and appease down. You may need running.Don't be scary.. be sweet.
You've gotten flawless answers here. I especially liked and would dispense consideration to "artful..."s and "hunter..."s answers.
I think anger nouns of course is member of the answer for you. But anger is the umbrella emotion covering plentiful other emotions. Its graceful to know you feel anger, but explicitly covering some hurt, resentment, frustration, on and on, that you dont recognize.
In belief of the regularity and intensity of your anger, actually you describe yourself as volatile,I would guess that you own no idea of what make you an angry person. You're doing a well-mannered job of hiding that from yourself. For that explanation, I would consider spending some time with a counselor.
Go posterior to "artful..."s and "hunter"s answers for direction. Especially in your bag, you need to find the right counselor the first time.
Yes, this anger could front to trouble for you and others. Unchecked it will______(fill in the blank); the possibilities procure worse. Not good, girlfriend. An individual counselor for yourself might be the best piece you could do for yourself in your entire lifetime.
Prayers for inner strength going up for you.

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