Are you upset of dying and why.?

No, because it is natural. also i'm a christian so i know when i die i'll budge to heaven
No, near have be times that I even embraced it. I no longer get the impression that way, but the simply thing unpromising about dying is that you are no longer around to see how everything plays out.
I am afraid of suffering, but not the annihilation. Why, salvation. Spending eternity next to my Lord and Savior. Returning to the arms of my parents, loved ones. Being free of human emotion. Obtaining my state-of-the-art goal.
When I use to be younger i use to articulate no, im getting operated this friday(a minor point but still 6weeks recovery), and i realized that my ethnic group is suffering more then me. If im motionless im gone but the pain is the ppl around u that feel it.
yes i am scared of dying? i am lone 23 and i have a 2 year outdated daughter. i dont want to die until i see her get married and hold kids. i dont want to miss out on her growing up.
Yes. I am extremely scared of dying. I am afraid for frequent reasons, some extremely thoughtless.
I don't want to die because I have small children, and I want to see them grow. My family longevity is not very biddable, so that scares me as very well. I am afraid of the unknown. I want to believe in an after vivacity, but still unsure.
The selfish basis for not wanting to die is I am afraid of my family moving on in need me. What if my husband re-married and the kids called her Mom... etc.

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