A concern for confidence...?

I think of myself as an increasingly independant infantile and attractive woman. But, lately I've been experiencing an increasingly significant amount of stress and apprehension with every promotion or put on a pedestal in the paycheck. There are times where on earth I get a sense of "stage fright" when discussion to clients or co-workers (i.e. hands shaking awkwardly, speech impairment, strange eye contact...). What gives?! Has anyone experienced this next to their first taste of independance? How can I brand name myself more assertive and confidant at the workplace?

Remember when you told yourself that this is what you wanted? Now that it is here you are cross-examination your ability to concordat with or fiddle with it all. You know then that you could do it you basically need to remember that this is what you considered necessary.

We all enjoy moments where we quality as though someone else is better or faster or better equipped to deal near things. You are in the drivers form now and lots more is expected of you. A dutiful book (albeit an old one) is "Swim beside Sharks Without Getting Eaten" Business strategy and social savvy are excellent tools for you to focus on now.
remember to breathe
a short time ago stop thinking of it differently, so you might be getting paid more, or you might own got some humane of promotion...you are still the same girl. so when you start intuition nervous lately think of why you are nearby.you were required for that position at the work place...you co-workers already have expectation in you that you can do your position.so give youself some expectation and dont be so hard on yourself, im sure your doing great. and if the nerves still verbs after that, just in recent times excuse yourself to the back and progress take a few cavernous breaths to calm your nerves...

hope it works, im sure you doing great
I estimate you are an outsider and so you are a sales attraction. The pressure arises from the customers realize this and using the second vocabulary to ask you personal questions. Best if you can swot the rules of greeting and interface . Also learn the second vocabulary.

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