A poem. What do you ruminate?

Black butterfly of the abyss,
On wings so oil lamp; an angel's kiss.
Rest upon my hand a while
Don't disappear me alone,
Bring me a smile.
You're my ray of lantern in the dreariness,
Where i've become so cold and heartless.
But you enjoy to leave, posterior to the light,
And resign from me here to lose this fight.

I approaching it, i love "dark" poetry! the beginning be like a streak of hope had come and by the run out you realized that your streak of hope was gone and you be stuck fighting adjectives alone again... i liked it. i would resembling to read more of ur poetry if the rest is darker than this one... close to i said, i love dark poetry.
ummm it's nice rather dark,but not unpromising
... its nice ...
/:o you have moved out me speachless wah wah
mmmmmmmmmmm its iight and that gurl have duplicate picture azz me huh!
it is too dark for me too ,can you write something to cheer us up and yourself up .
Hello. Liked the composition and syntax. You read aloud you have others? Have you ever thought of publishing?

I do agree beside Katie, who says it is a bit overcast, because the picture I get when I read it through is of entrapment (as if down a open dark well) and when that indiscriminate for release comes by, it suddenly flits away...
I really like your poem. I don't find it to be cloudy. It speaks to me of hope. It ends on a sad information, but you never know if that butterfly might come back. Keep it up!
I believe it's quite divine but sad..not what I'd phone call THAT deep but markedly sad.the message I win from it is that you're powerless because you're relying on someone else to make you quality fulfilled...just as you thought you be maybe getting somewhere...that hope is taken away from you.

I wondered if this be how you really felt (because when I bring poetic it's based on how I have a feeling at that time)
i agree with you this is particularly not dark at adjectives...anyways i really like it, it reminds me of something i would write, you write next to the same variety style i do, i really like your word choice...i come up with that is one of the most celebrated things in poetry and writing...one point is that because of the rhyming every line it type of starts to sound sing songy, i'm sure i'm probably simply not reading the way you intended it tho... i have a sneaking suspicion that it is very honest and it gives you a virtuous picture
It's really, REALLY good. I can totally make out the sentiment behind it.
thats exactlly how i grain right now. its a superb and wonderfully written poem of how u feel. its other good to express how u have a feeling. when u don t it only hurts u worse.
I construe it is beautiful and a short time ago good it shows how i imagine people obligation each other and don't want to be alone because u cant be thankful alone.

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