For How long does a Schizophrenic illusion finishing usually?

I am schizoaffective bipolar I and I hallucinated for more or less 5-6 seconds. I saw a facade spirit moving to the right and I thought it came to capture me. As soon as I turned on the light it vanished. That darkness I almost thought I would die.

hello randy

is this new for you? I hold schizoaffective disorder since 11 years, and when off the meds, hallucination generally become stronger and stronger. If you are on meds and still have hallucinations, you might stipulation another med to which you respond better.
salutations and appropriate luck
your fellow sufferer
This is a very frightening and difficult condition to own.but I give you credit for your courage contained by facing it with such courage...several people are too afraid and they stay within denial and don't get treatment and they bring back worse.

From your writing I can see you that you have much to volunteer and I imagine that you could be a great oblige to others who are suffering. I enourage you to pursue the best treatment services you can get...

I know what a provoke it is for people near serious mental illnesses to get the support and support they need ...I'm a social worker...and believe me...I capture disheartened too.

But there are a strong peer (patients helping patients) movement within many places ...where on earth suffering people are coming together to oblige and support each other surrounded by their recovery and coping.

Keep your appointments, steal your medications, monitor your symptoms (I see you know what they are like), and monitor the medication side effects ( copious people quit because of the side effects...please don't quit...have a chat to the psychiatrists about it and look for a solution next to the doctor...if needed...change doctors)...and prefer what's important to you contained by your life...and argument for it.

And lead the means of access for others...become an advocate for the lots people who are person forgotten...and often caged.

God Bless
The psychotic part of mental virus occurs when the depression chemicals are strong plenty in the spinal fluid to affect the auto brain. The wires from the two upper brains adjectives pass through the lower brain and when induced chemically the auto brain will do tons strange things . The chemicals can't be removed by the kidneys so it take a long time for a money. Some are able to use endorphins to call off the chemicals but it is not always possible to own some.

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