ADD Question?

I know that I need to be in motion to a doctor but I just want to see if citizens think the appointment is necessary! I believe I have ADD. I hold been classified as erudition disabled my whole natural life but the only "special treatment" I be entitled to was extra time on test. I would have a great deal of difficultly focusing on the task of taking a check, primarily because things were so soundless and then I would hear the slightest nouns and I would have to force myself to refocus on a examine I have already started to read 5 times. I hold been treated for depression and anxiety since junior big to the present. The "red flags" I see are that I am extremely impulsive . . . I buy anything and everything I want! I obtain down on the floor with the full intention of playing near my children and within 2-3 minutes I am up and roughly doing something else that has crossed my mind, usually not something critical. I can be sitting at the table having dinner beside the family and I in recent times up to empty the dishwasher

The certainty that you have to re-read a give somebody the third degree 5 times because a distraction causes you to lose your place is the switch signal that yes you probably do have ADD. The impulsivness could be anything but that re-reading 5 times result in you lost your place is a real sign that you might enjoy it. See the doc and ask for a referral to a testing center that test for ADD/ADHD.
I had exactly indistinguishable symptoms you describe from the time I was a greatly young child. In those days I don't even suppose they had a diagnosis of ADD. My IQ tested ably above normal but my inability to concentrate, focus expected that my grades suffered. My parents (in a very innovative approach) put me within a private school and they be able to achieve me to skip a grade. Since I have to work so much harder to keep up my grades started to advance. By the time I finished I was set for college and was competent to pursue a career surrounded by medicine. All during my childhood I suffered from anxiety and depression. This be the dark ages for this type of complaint so it was mostly unseen and I simply managed to cope. When I reach middle age, adjectives of those years of coping and secretly suffering mired to me. My story can be found on Yahoo search lower than "The Last Temptation of George Petrie". I hit rock bottom. I ended up homeless beside nothing but what I be carrying in a small rucksack. I was committed to a psychiatric facility and, since mental vigour has come a long instrument, I was diagnosed next to depression and put on anti-depressants. I spent 30 days in that alarming place. (Now that I look back on it and the results that I get it wasn't that bad) When I got out I be getting stronger every day. I be able to walk to court and fight to catch back everything I have lost. Please don't give up on yourself as I did. Talk to a professional roughly your symptoms. If left untreated they can compound themselves and organize to some serious depression. One thing to remember is that near is treatment for what you are describing and, if you had symptoms of diabetes or heart disease or some other physical bug you wouldn't hesitate to procure treatment.......

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