What keep you from departing the house?

Are you a natural cavern bear?

I agree it is the insufficiency of wanting to run into thousands of people at the shopping arcade or on the street. I wish things be just for a while more relaxed and quiet.
Yes I am. People & their stupid stuff is adequate to keep me within my house...I feel safer here.
I'm only lazy and tired.
I'm not a ancestors person... They lately rude and mean atleast on my p.c i can turn it stale whenever i want!
Lack of money
Yes I am! Leaving the house for me means disappearing my own little world! I know it's wrong but I would never go out unless if it's really vital or if my parents or friends drag me with them! :-) I'm free of worries at my house! It's my haven; so I stipulation a strong reason to give up your job my haven for the crazy world out there! :-)
Thank you!
My mum is other nagging me to ask my friends to go shopping or something..Yes most of my choice not to, is due to pure apathy..I'm a very languorous person...

...But, also - my house is my HOME...my comfort zone. (That rhymes!) :-)

Plus, the winter as a rule keeps me inside. I HATE near vengeance individual cold! During Winter I don't see my friends much apart from at school.The Summer is where on earth I make my plans, skipper on holiday or to beautiful London (my partiality place in the world)...

take guardianship..

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