Am I experiencing some variety of passion?

Can't focus. I'm restless, and I'm craving something but I don't know what. My mind is going through tons of things, but I can't place exactly what I'm thinking about. I'm not doing anything physically (obviously), but I won't sleep and I any play video games or get on the computer.
Yeah, that's what I usually do when I'm rotten work, but this is different because I'm not content at all.
I enjoy trouble sometimes figuring out whether I'm depressed or not. I enjoy been diagnosed near chronic depression, but sometimes it doesn't feel similar to depression at all. I newly feel insane, similar to if I left the house I might do something completely out of role and hurt someone, including myself. It's like I'm angry and optimistic at the same time, but instead of's close to this desperate, violent type of hyperness.
But, I don't move. I newly sit and wait for it to intervene, or either stare at the wall because I'm afraid of what I'd do if I get up.

Long question, but guidance is desired.

OK try this one first your diet, try to be paid sure that is is floating in the nutrients that your body requests, green vegetables fish, meats cheese, because if your body is getting ample of the right foods it has devout fuel to sort out some of your issues.

secondly, make a chronicle of the things that you want to do, and each daylight try to achieve at tiniest one thing on your document. does not matter what it is.

thirdly pocket extra care near your clothes and hair makeup, little things close to this help, next to how you see yourself and if you feel apt, others around you will too

try to find another hobby , as well as the computer, or video games.instead of going out self angry, try going to the gym or make up your own exercise program that you can do at home for 15 Min's a light of day.

Last but by no means tiniest Sweetie Learn to Love yourself. it is really important, you be put here for a special reason and that's what make you special

God Bless it gets better
Of the progress we've made we still enjoy yet to expose the power of the mind and the complexities when a mind is out of balance. Its not easy to define "balance" sometimes - fascination and genius are foot and hand. I can't influence that all "crazies" are brilliant but nearby is a correlation. Okay I'm sidetracking:

Therapy. Obvious answer. Less obvious answer : Take some style of life varying adventure / break. Push yourself to the edge, travel to a far away place, filch on a new art. Will it solve everything? Not necessarily. Could it help? Most promising, if its done in conjunction next to therapy or psychiatry everywhere you end up.
I get the impression like the first chunk of what you wrote, almost exactly. Like something isn't right. I don't know what it is, but I know I need someone to get the drift. I have thought roughly therapy as an opportunity because no one surrounded by the house understands.
Hope someone answers for us both.

Good luck to you
You'd conspicuously be better off asking a professional, but from what you've described you could be experiencing fascination. Try to get surrounded by with your doctor and explain to him how you're impression right now. If it is fascination you should try to deal near it before it get any worse. I know first hand the giving of impulsiveness that comes from thing and it can be dangerous.

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