How do i organise my life span style so i do not win bored and sick of time.?

I seem to draw from bored quite commonly when iam less busy and this throws me surrounded by a depressive mood . Any good planning will do before i run a cue from Chris Benoit(Wrestler)

My life is far from boring, but could become boring if I allow it to.

You obligation to diversify. Get interested in tons things, and try to focus more on what you love to do.

The key word here is LOVE.

If you can't love what you do, it's not going to be worth a article.

Remember, life is an ongoing research experience.

With so much happening today, adjectives you need to do is find out what you savour, and pursue that.

And, surround yourself with lively, free thinkers.
Can you afford a little more information? Are you suicidal ("sick of life")? Are you asking for a different hobby, or for medical treatment for ADHD?

I don't advocate professional wrestling as a panacea for boredom... *smile*

--Julia <><
Do you suggest you are so bored you will start taking steriods, and murder your wife and child. Take a cue and get a existence not take one or two or three.
Find your purpose within life and work towards fulfulling it
Every sunshine, and if bored, practise one of the relaxation methods at on page 2.
Focus on helping. There are oodles people who have need of help and volunteers that you can contact thru your church. There are also animal groups that entail volunteers to help.

I enjoy found that when I am helping others, then I am not bored, and I don't feel about myself... It help to put my problems in perspective, when I am tired... and I oblige an old personality who just have a heart attack, but still loves life!
wow please dont waste your family or yourself pray

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