Am I other going to be alone?

There is know way for you to answer this cross-question.I guess I need direction on how to make it alone untill I die.Most of the time it is fine anyone alone but the at others it's troubling.

the reason citizens are lonely most of the time is because they are insecure or have problems next to themselves that dont allow them to communicate effectively with others. i suggest to really cart some time to find out why you are were you are at and try to alteration yourself for the better. once you are a happy and in good health individual it will be much easy to be comfortable and be yourself around others.
I speak dont let anyone bring you down and why trouble what they say dispense it a shot meet populace. Have fun if they dont liek you thats their problem not yours and why should it be? Who cares what they come up with just dont prudence dont be insicure You arent different look at it that way consent to them take you fro who you are
Be painstaking what you ask! I asked myself the same entity a few years ago . then I met my wife! and presently I'm never alone to "yanswer"!
I used to be in your situation for a long time. Even when I met my soul mate, I nearly lost her because of my own stupidity. I normally asked myself why I was alone and finally come up with the apology why. It's because I wasn't happy nor be I comfortable in my own skin. I be fortunate to find a good psychologist who skilled me how to change adjectives that. I have widely read, not only to resembling myself, but to love myself and to be my own best friend. I changed those things about me that I didn't close to. I dyed my hair from brown mixed near silver and grey to a blond color. I learned to resembling, actually love, the approach I look now after working out three times a week. I academic to value my intelligence and to further my scholarship of the sciences knowing that I was pious at it.

The result: By being my own best friend, others want to be my best friend as very well. My soul mate loves the "new me" because I exude self confidence. And self confidence is immensely sexy! You are going to be alone so long as being alone bothers you. Others will lamentably pick up on it. But learn to love yourself and who you are and others will love you as ably. Best of luck and I hope you feel better.
you're NOT alone.
you own us. : )

i have to progress out Job Hunting today , tho. (found out the opening date for our business is in a minute being pushed subsidise to January . grrrr )

But, I'd RATHER stay here and hang out near YOU . ; )


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