Electroconvulsive Therapy?

your views.

(not something I'd agree to again)

I have it couple years ago in and outpatient for severe depression. It to be sure worked at the time. There has be some memory loss. I consider it a small price to pay since I am competent to type this here today.

Good luck and take exactness of you!
It's not as awful as most people reflect on it is. It's done very without risk these days and can sometimes be the solitary thing that help. I know someone who went through it and it did help out his treatment-resistant depression for a while, but it wreaked havoc on his memory. I wouldn't want to do it for that reason alone. I already verbs a lot in the region of forgetting important events contained by my life.
I agree near the first answer.

It can be life in your favour for some people.
I presume it is often a better pick that the way the forgiving is living already.
I work in an operating room and we complete some ECT. It is very level-headed and not violent - folks are well anaesthetised. They are reasonably coherent and fine afterwards.
There is some short term memory loss around the few days that they own the ECT.

I think we are adjectives horrified by ECT as it was so ably depicted in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

It is really no different from performing a cardiac shock to bring heart vertebrae into rythym.
Would like to know more. Works on my dog though, that much I know.
never again it kill your memory
should only be used as a final resort if all else fail. i have assissted near a lot of ect, when i worked for a mental vigour facility. i have see it work quite okay for a lot of society. short term memory is a problem but ususally it is short lived.
I own worked in a hosp where on earth this was used and it be invaluable for some - but only as a concluding resort.

I have medication-resistant depression, and I touch like sh!t most of the time. If ECT would work, I would be likely to try it. Did you have it done?
I deem it is a good form of treatment for medication resistant severe depression...

I am told in attendance is some memory loss but i guess it a small price to pay for inkling back to your ordinary self and not suicidal or manic..

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