Am i messed up surrounded by the principal or something?

i'm really insecure and have low self esteem (i deem those are the same things.?), i don't have a feeling pretty but everyone says i am? And my frd's mom say i have anxiety and anxiety is the use why she got a shrink. & i get these depressions but idk if i'm really depressed or if...i of late want attention or something (unintentionally). sometimes i'll just be thinking just about it, and then burst out contained by tears. is/has anyone gone/going through this? i'm sorry if what i wrote doesn't make sense or something.

I would strongly suggest you sit down beside your parents or a school counselor and explain to them how you are idea and see if you can get some counseling to support you through this. It doesn't sound nutritious and it is effecting your quality of energy. If your quality of enthusiasm is suffering it is time to handle it. Get some backing, you deserve it.
There is nothing wrong near you. You are feeling the approaching half of the society in this world do once and awhle! It does nouns like you hold a touch of depression/anxiety and there a great deal of things that you can do to make yourself grain better. Talk to your doctor about your problem, or bargain to a counselor. You will probably find that just conversation about your state of mind will help you considerable. If discussion doesnt help, consequently perhaps you can gain on some sort of anti-depressant. Everyone needs aid once and awhile, so dont feel embarassed to desire help. I go through this several times in my life span and a little conseling did a LOT of angelic. Good luck and I hope you feel better!
You don't mention your age or physical condition, which could both be factor in mood change, depression, etc. as well as inner health of low self esteem. Before seeing a therapist, see a regular doctor to evaluate if anything physical could be cause these symptoms. If that is ruled out you can consider a psychoanalyst who might help, especially if you necessitate someone to talk to, however here are drugs on the market today that can also serve relieve feelings of anxiety and depression.

Don't suffer alone. Try to find out what is wrong and what can facilitate. (We are all messed up surrounded by the head sometimes.)
honestly everyone go through these issues at least once within their life. dont dwell on it or it will ruin your existence. Be confident in who you are and save a positive attitude.
Yeah, I have pretty much every problem you in recent times listed within (except the anxiety I experience is more specifically social anxiety)... I have be seeing a therapist for awhile and it have helped closely. It is one of those things I have to stick beside even when I feel obedient though, cause the depression entry is so up and down. Some people estimation seeing a therapist/psychologist as a negative item because they can't cope, but everyone deals beside their problems in their own means of access; so if that is what is stopping you from getting backing, don't worry what other relations will think. It feel good only to talk. Hope everything works out ably for you :)
you had better sit down next to a good analyst & listen to him/her,you seem completely mixed up & depressed,get assist NOW, it will only go and get worse & you dont deserve to feel that mode,it will realy ruin your life,I go through it & was help & now I surface great & feel honest about myself,,,GOOD LUCK, PLEASE GET HELP XXX
You're making profusely of sense. I also sometimes use past/present/future tense because near my specific head injury, I own difficulty in that nouns.

You aren't "messed up in the organizer," but you do have a problem that requirements to be treated. I recommend seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist who can help you develop your self esteem. Another thing that you can do is sorround yourself beside positive people a bit than negative ones. That's one of various things I do to improve my self esteem.
Welcome to puberty and human being a girl.
BABYCAKES - you are NOT fat. My mother did like peas in a pod thing to me - made me wear flotilla blue and black all the time because they be slimming. But I had an aunt who said what I have was lately baby oil and went out and bought me pretty dresses, and she save my life emotionally for me. You've get to respect your parents, but that doesn't mean they are right roughly speaking everything. They've got their own issues they're dealing near, and unfortunately some of the belongings gets hand down to the kids. Ask your school nurse or your people doctor. Only if the PROFESSIONALS say you own a weight problem, should you be concerned. Until consequently, relax hun. Been there! - Bunny

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