Am i going into depression?

every time i am alone for more than 20 minutes i start to feel disastrous and alone. i cant be this way. i enjoy been depressed past. i also just get into a huge fight beside two of my best friends and now they may never want to see me again. everything is falling apart. im so pitiful... and im only 16 years frail.


im sorry you feel this method, if their truly your friends you will forgive each other and when you be aware of depressed write about it or capture out of your house and go for a hike, or shopping, or draw, there are also groups you can step to and talk roughly speaking why your unhappy and carry advise and support
Sometimes it's in recent times part of growing up. But if you truly touch sad profusely of the time, go to a mental strength therapist to reach a deal about your problems. I started doing this a few months ago, and I've never be so happy near my life surrounded by general!

Get over the postponed teenage years and you might start seeing the oil lamp at the end of the tunnel.

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