Anxiety in the region of going to a concert... please serve?

I'm a 16 yr old kid, and my friend and I get tickets to a show at Madison Square Garden this July. It's a sold out show and its my favorite band, not to mention a once contained by a lifetime reunion concert. I really want to go, but I hold on to getting really nervous thinking nearly it to the point where I'm thinking roughly giving up the ticket.

I live in the Philly suburbs and I've never be to New York before, not to mention the reality that my parents won't be with me and the concert (they'll be at dinner somewhere within the city.)

My friend is not too supportive with this kindly of stuff, and i do have a history of anxiety/panic attacks. I acquire very seasick and short of breath.

I don't want to miss the concert, but I don't know If I can go minus freaking out and looking stupid in front of my friend.

Can someone please backing me, the concert is only 2 weeks away!

I hope that your parents hold gotten you professional help for your anxiety attacks. It is imperative that you address this issue short being ashamed of it. There are medication that can help you (many of them) and they enjoy very few minor side effects. Please don't rescheduling. I spent my childhood avoiding so many things because of my anxiety attacks. No one be sympathetic because they didn't understand them. I spent most of my childish life avoiding things that I be afraid would trigger a panic attack. This lead to depression in my fully fledged life and almost destroyed my energy entirely. If you go to the Miami New Times website and go through "The Last Temptation of George Petrie" you can read about my downward spiral. I finally go to a therapist who put me on Prozac and Xanax. The Prozac (while developed for depression can also alleviate anxiety attacks). The xanax be for times when I felt I needed somewhat extra help near what you have which is call "anticipatory anxiety". My life have turned around and I wish I could enjoy enjoyed my childhood more if relations only standard that I have a terrifically common problem near brain chemistry. Don't forget, if you had diabetes or another life disease people would be sympathy and you wouldn't hesitate to return with professional help. The same is true next to this. It is a very totally common problem that ethnic group don't want to talk roughly speaking and it needs to be treated earlier it takes over your entire enthusiasm. Best wishes to you and enjoy the concert.
i really dont see anything to be disturbed about sure i be nervous at my first concert its probably freshly the feeling of going to the big city and have it so crowded and probably a fear of getting separated from your friend and parents but if when you first turn do not stay in the mosh pit nouns because you will get tossed around approaching a caeser salad wait within your seats they will elt everyone into the mosh pit and it will be mass pandamondiom so hang around till it calms down than be in motion down and have fun your friend may want to jump to the pit at the beginning but he will regretit so basically stay calm and if you really dont want to turn to dont
Why are you nervous? If you don't want to tango or something just sing along and be jubilant...get a nice outfit manufacture sure you are fresh no own will get hurt or anything what is it is it you don't similar to crowds if so don't exclude them from your mind you are all near for fun so have fun they won't really be worried bout you purely the people on stage and how they can find to them...smiles have fun too drop the discomfort
I too suffer from bad anxiety /panic attacks. It is complicated when you are having participatory thinking ahead of time because you are setting yourself up. I also used to do the same point but could only stop after the give a hand of a therapist. It sounds resembling for short term and since the concert is with the sole purpose 2 weeks away that you need to move about see a Dr. and get on an anxiety medication but you call for to see a therapist or Psychologist and grasp to the root of what is causing your anxiety attacks so you can stop them previously they get worse. I hope you hold fun at the concert. Try telling your friend at most minuscule a little of what is going on so they he/she can support you and you won't be so worried maybe. Good luck to you~

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