Ok im bored and unmotivated?

Dont know what else to say, im bored theres no conservatory, im just waiting for nation to get on to verbalize and i just dont know what to do next to the day because im unmotivated. Any suggestions to carry motivated to do... something?

if u like academy ur sick...find a friend or a computer game or music or somthin
do you own a yard you could budge work in? I know it doesn't nouns like much fun, but for me, if there's really zilch better to do, going out and pulling weeds out of the flower bed, picking up adjectives the falling apples and plums.. well once I start, it's fairly enjoyable.
Well, you made it this far. That might be adage something. I always recommend picking up a book and reading. Lots of folks don't read nowadays, but you should. It's not boring and it's not adjectives for nerds. Try some chuck palahniuk or Christopher Moore - reading is fundamental!! (i know that is a lame axiom, but i'm kinda lame).
Perhaps you should go for a bike ride, or do something to gain out of the house, if you are unmotivated then you stipulation to do something to motivate yourself. You might want to think nearly taking up a sport, summer is a good time to start because you hold lots of free time. Perhaps you might go swimming at the local community pool. But I significantly doubt that sitting at the computer waiting to talk to your friends is the best bearing to be spending your summer.
go out and wallow in life! read a book! step somewhere new! suspend out with friends! be in motion to an amusement part! write a book! sky dive(okay that may be too much)! Swim! Meet clean people! Try clean things! Try helping others out! White water raft(it's soooooooo much fun, I'm on 17-and final year it was amazing)! Learn a trial language! SMILE! Play a sport next to friends! Run! Go and do the things you love doing!!
find a new hobby.. I find exercise really help me take my mind of. find something you soak up and do it..
join the army.
..merely find a good hobby...or anything.. or just look around.. hmmm, onto your neborhood or mamasyal ka I penny-pinching juse go around and around... to brand name new freinds... and they back you to build you up!
find a friend to hang out beside from school and do something fun resembling go swimming

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